Britt Frank

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Britt Frank, LSCSW, SEP received her undergraduate degree from Duke University and her master’s degree from the University of Kansas, where she later became an award-winning adjunct instructor. Britt is a licensed psychotherapist and human behavior expert who is trained in IFS (Internal Family Systems) and SE (Somatic Experiencing). 

No matter how successful or high achieving, everyone knows what it’s like to feel stuck. With her candor, humor, and practical approach, Britt quickly cuts through the cultural fluff with actionable tools to put you back in the driver’s seat of life. Whether she’s leading a workshop, presenting a keynote, or consulting with organizations, Britt’s work leaves clients with science-based tools to level up their personal and professional lives.

Speaking Topics - 


The Science of Stuck - Move past what is holding you back! 

(*This is for clients wanting a mental health topic)


In this high-energy and engaging talk, audience members will walk away with:


  • The 3 Steps to Unstuck (Britt’s signature tool) helps with everything from workplace stress to mental health challenges.
  • The neuroscience of stress and burnout – and why you can’t “think” your way out of feeling stuck.
  • Anxiety’s secret identity (hint: it’s a superhero, not a villain)
  • How to harness the power of the “micro-yes” (the fastest way to close the gap between intentions and actions)
  • Why we need to de-therapize the workplace (no more trauma-dumping)


Keynote Description:


We all experience stuckness in our lives—in our relationships, careers, our bodies, habits, and more. We know we need to move forward, but don’t know how, creating a loop of self-doubt that goes nowhere. The problem has been exacerbated by the isolation and setbacks of the pandemic, resulting in unprecedented levels of dissatisfaction, and life questions. As a sought-after psychotherapist, Britt’s work focuses on the mental health myths that keep us stuck, stressed and burned out. With just a few key pieces of information about the brain, the capacity for choice returns and we can get back into the driver’s seat of our lives.


The Myth of Motivation: Neuroscience-Based Tools to Level Up! 


(*This is for clients wanting a motivational productivity keynote)


In this cutting-edge talk based on the neuroscience of motivation, attendees will walk away with:


  • The 3 Steps to Unstuck (Britt’s signature tool) to level up your personal and professional life.
  • How to mobilize your nervous system to unlock creativity and innovation.
  • Why a regulated nervous system is good for your bottom line.
  • Actionable tools you can use to not only do well but be well.
  • How to harness the power of the “micro-yes” to maintain professional and personal momentum.


Keynote Description:


No matter how many sales you close, how many commission checks come raining down, or how many pats on the back you receive, there’s a nagging feeling of restlessness, irritability, and edginess that most high achievers can’t seem to shake.


What are we missing?


Most of us were never taught how to drive our brains. If you are the owner of a body, you are the owner of a brain— but drivers-ed for the brain doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, everyone gets stuck with burnout, stress, and feeling like they can’t quite keep up with the hamster wheel of life. 


Until now.

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