Bryan Is a native of Fort Worth, Texas and currently resides in Arlington, Texas. Bryan is a TEDx speaker whose speech was about overcoming obstacles and reaching self-fulfillment. Bryan is also the published author of the self-help books Boss Up!: 10 Traits One Must Have to Reach self-actualization (2018) and The Truth Always Wins: Becoming Fulfilled and Reducing Stress (2020) which copies of his books have been distributed to different countries worldwide. On top of being a speaker and an author, Bryan has been working in the mental health field for four plus years and coaches’ others on becoming an author, speaker and discovering their purpose. Bryan earned a master's degree in social work from Stephen F. Austin State University (2016) and a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Wiley College (2013). Bryan's mission is to help individuals who lack fulfillment by educating and empowering them on how they can reach self-actualization according to the circumstances they are currently in.

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