Caleb Campbell

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Once known as “America’s Athlete”, Caleb Campbell is a West Point graduate and former Army officer who became the second player in the history of West Point to ever be selected in the NFL draft and the first player, under a new policy implemented by the Department of Defense (DOD), given the permission to play and serve simultaneously.

Caleb’s dream came to a halt when the DOD rescinded that policy hours before signing his first NFL contract–launching him into his own internal war that would almost cost him his life. While serving his country, Caleb kept his NFL dream alive and eventually found himself playing in the NFL–demonstrating to audiences everywhere how facing our fears, committing to mental and emotional health and staying authentic will make us stronger—even in our weakest moments.

Far from offering clichéd "do better, be better" advice, Caleb skillfully guides his audience through discussions on vulnerability, emotional intelligence, heart-centered leadership and whole-person success. Above all, Caleb’s message acts as a powerful catalyst for internal transformation—fostering emotional, relational, and collective growth on an unmatched scale.

Keynote Topics:


1. From Crisis To Courage: Accessing Your Inner Strength For Breakthrough Leadership 


As more and more leaders are being asked to do more with fewer resources, they are finding themselves the type of tired that more sleep doesn’t solve and crisis is inevitable. Learn the mindset shifts that help leaders unlock an untapped inner capacity full of courage and inner strength allowing you to strengthen your resilience, sustain high performance and breathe new life into burned out hearts and tired souls.


2.. Accelerating Success: Thriving In The Space Between What Was and What Will Be


As a leader, you envision a high-capacity team that drives exceptional results and achieves unparalleled success. Yet, the reality for many leaders today is a battle against burnout, disengagement, and diminished effectiveness in their roles and in their teams—resulting in decreased engagement, performance, and morale while heavily influencing our mental and emotional well-being.This isn't another "do better, be better" message. This is a transformative experience designed to arm you with the practical wisdom, emotional intelligence, and actionable strategies you need to thrive in the space between what was and what will be–accelerating you and your team into your next evolution of success.


3. The Whole Leader: The Playbook For Sustainable Success and Enhanced Well-Being


Are you feeling trapped in an endless cycle of performance, productivity, and unmet expectations? Does it feel like your current playbook, the one that got you this far, is suddenly failing you? Caleb Campbell understands that feeling all too well. As a former NFL player, Caleb was no stranger to high-performance playbooks designed for ultimate achievement. But when he left the league, he discovered that his old playbook had an expiration date. He needed a new one—not just for success, but for wholeness–emotional well-being, and authentic leadership.


Whether you're a leader burdened by endless responsibilities, feeling stretched thin between professional targets and personal obligations, or struggling with unmet expectations that weigh heavy on your soul, this keynote is your guide to transformation. It will shift your perspective, turning what you may perceive as your breaking point into your breakthrough moment.

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