Caleb Gardner

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Caleb Gardner is the founding partner of innovation consulting firm 18 Coffees, and author of the upcoming book, “No Point B: New Rules for Leading Change in the New Hyper-Connected, Radically Conscious Economy” (from Matt Holt Books/BenBella Books, published July 22, 2022). Caleb is an insatiably curious innovation strategist and change management expert, and in his two decades of experience in digital leadership, entrepreneurship, and social impact, he’s worked for a variety of organizations in the public and private sectors, including at prestigious professional service firms like Bain & Company and Edelman, and running the digital program for President Obama at OFA during the Second Administration—including the largest Twitter account in the world, @BarackObama.


Now as a founding partner of 18 Coffees, he helps clients like Comcast, Bose, SiriusXM, and United Way Worldwide navigate some of their most challenging change initiatives and find continued growth and success. Caleb’s talks focus on how the new rules of leadership in a digital world are about empowering people to make the kind of change they want to see—getting past the fear of everything new, and understanding what actually matters to your day-to-day success. Change has to become a core competency for every business—and making positive change is everyone’s responsibility. Caleb believes we’ll get the kind of disruption we’re willing to fight for.

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