Carly Pollack is a published author, hilarious speaker, and the founder of Nutritional Wisdom, an award-winning private practice based in Austin, Texas. She is a certified Clinical Nutritionist specializing in holistic nutrition whole body wellness. Carly has been awarded Best Nutritionist in Austin five years running and has helped over 20,000 people achieve their health and happiness goals. Her book, Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently, was a #1 New Release on Amazon. 


Carly has lectured all over the country for incredible companies such as Facebook, SXSW, Whole Foods Market, Texas Women’s Conference, Rackspace, Nielsen, lululemon, Atlassian, Frog Design, WeWork, Tech Stars, Flatwater Foundation, and the Texas Medical Association--among many more. 


Growing up, Carly struggled with anxiety, immune issues, and an ongoing battle with her weight. Through trial and error, Carly was able to figure out why so many of us fail to achieve the health we so badly desire. Through years of study and self-healing, she found the key to creating permanent change. Carly beautifully marries the science of the body to the wisdom of our intuition. 


Having grown up as a quick-witted New Yorker, she was raised without the ability to sugarcoat the truth. You won’t find any nonsense here--just clear and honest information—and some tough love if you need it. Her teachings empower you to shift your thought patterns, change your physical body, properly manage stress, and live your best life.




Subtle Shifts That Will Vastly Improve Your Health 

Improving your health can be quite overwhelming: there are so many things to change, and always another level to reach. In this lecture you will learn the five shifts that will make a huge difference in your health... and they’re not what you would think! 

In this lecture you will learn how to: 

● Help your body function at optimal levels 

● Focus on the shifts that yield the most benefit 

● Separate wellness trends from science-backed advice 

Conscious Eating: Find the Intuitive Eater Within 

We eat for only two reasons: to satisfy physical hunger or to shift our emotions. Bringing awareness to our relationship with food, meaning how and when we use it, is the foundation for permanent change in your physical health. This rarely talked about practice is the key to the end of dieting. 

In this lecture you will learn how to: 

● Enjoy your food more and eat less naturally 

● Lose weight without focusing on diet rules 

● Heal your relationship with food 

● Deepen your spiritual practice regarding your eating behaviors 


Make Your Wellness Transformation a Permanent Change 

Behavior modification is everywhere (“eat this, don’t eat that”) but it is hard to find the answer to why we “know better” but don’t “do better.” In this lecture, you will learn the most important tools to shift your psychology and create an authentic desire to make consistently healthy choices. This shift in thinking creates the lifestyle change we so badly crave. 

In this lecture you will learn how to: 

● Rewire the brain to desire doing the right things 

● Stop repeating the same destructive behavior 

● Create clarity on what you want and how to get there (and stay there)

The Diet for YOU: Rise Above the Diet Dogma and Find Your Unique Medicine 

Paleo, Vegan, Ketogenic… the list of diets seems never-ending. We know we need to be on some sort of organized food protocol, but it’s so hard to decide which diet is right for us. Diets are not necessarily a bad thing, but one person’s healing diet can be another person’s disaster. 

We have become obsessed with learning what to eat, but we have never been taught how to understand our own unique medicine. 

In this lecture, you will learn: 

● How to find your unique diet 

● Why the one-size-fits-all approach is outdated 

● Your body’s communication feedback 

● How to pick the health protocol to fit your individual needs 

● Why we need to stop counting calories and focus on far more important factors of eating 


Self-Compassion: Creating A New Narrative 

Compassion involves the recognition of the shared human condition. It’s not just the blameless victims who deserve this but also those suffering from failures, personal weaknesses, or bad decisions. Compassion is a connection to ourselves. Only through connection can we change our patterns. 

In this lecture, you will learn: 

● How to accept yourself now so that you can create lasting change from a place of love 

● How to control the mental narrative so that you can focus on what’s good and bring more of that into your life 

● How to be gentle and understanding with yourself rather than harshly critical and judgmental 


Starting Your Spiritual Practice 

The word "spirituality" means something different to everyone. We are all searching for something to help us understand our place in this world. A spiritual practice helps us stay connected to our inner wisdom. It helps us practice patience, compassion, forgiveness, self respect and self love. The end goal of all goals is to feel happy and at peace. The tools you will receive in this lecture will start you on the path to disconnecting from the voice in your head and strengthening your inner voice of wisdom.


Don't Just Manage Stress, Eliminate It 

Stress is the word that overachievers use for "fear." It keeps us in the mind and out of our true essence. There are only three ways we create stress, which means there are only three ways we can get out of it. And no, learning to manage stress is not the answer. Learning how to break it down, get to the root, and eliminate it is the key to freedom from the mind. This is the key to happiness. 

In this lecture, you will learn: 

● The three ways we allow the mind to create stress 

● How to retrain the mind to welcome uncertainty 

● Fail-proof tools for making calm your new default emotion 


Self-Care For Busy People 

Life can feel like a daily grind of managing chaos. Careers, family, and commitments tend to always come first with very little left over for us to recharge. We become burnt out, always tired, with a body that runs on stimulants and poor sleep. This leads to adrenal fatigue, hormonal issues, and that lack of joy and playfulness we once had. I will teach you to how incorporate self care into a busy schedule so you can live life with drive, energy and passion, while maintaining the playfulness and lightheartedness of your youth. 


Exercise Deep Dive: Work Out Smarter, Not Harder 

We are a culture obsessed with fitness, but the number of mistruths floating around is enough to make us doubt whether or not we are working out “smart” or just hard. 

In this lecture you will learn: 

● The four biggest exercise mistakes even the fittest athletes do 

● The three biggest exercise myths that need to be retired 

● How to maximize fat burning and achieve fitness goals without living in the gym ● How to tweak your nutrition so you are burning fat long after the workout


How to Prevent Burn Out and All or Nothing Mentality 

The “all or nothing” black and white mentality is the cause for so much of our temporary health and wellness attempts. If we can’t be perfect, then we might as well eat that pizza and start again on the first of next month. Most of us are fighting to maintain and keep a balance that seems just out of reach. 

In this lecture you will learn: 

● How to figure out whether you are in a sprint or a pause 

● How to heal the “all or nothing” mentality and live in the grey area

● How to make commitments to yourself that actually stick

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