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Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson, aka Chad Ochocinco, is a former NFL wide receiver. After playing collegiately for Oregon State University, Johnson played 11 NFL seasons primarily with the Cincinnati Bengals, and he played his final NFL season as a member of the New England Patriots. Over his 11 year career, Johnson was a 6x Pro-Bowl selection and 4x All-Pro. Off the field, Johnson is known for his bold personality and huge social media presence. In 2011, CNBC listed Johnson as #1 on their list of "Most Influential Athletes on Social Media." Johnson is an Ambassador for EA and streams himself gaming on Twitch where he interacts with his fans and gaming enthusiasts. He is also an avid soccer fan and a fashion trendsetter.

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Chad Johnson Reviews


Review: The first thing about Chad is that he's pretty honest. He goes into detail about his journey through football, as well as the path he took to where he wanted to go. It certainly wasn't conventional, but it was the way he took, and thanks to some luck, supportive people, and the drive to get to where he wanted to be, he made it, and has thrived in the NFL. He's honest about his issues with the Bengals (past and present), and when it comes to him, he truly wants to win. A theme that may be underrated is that people should have fun, and do what they enjoy doing. He's a football player, but not only that, he loves life, he works hard at his craft, and loves to have fun while doing his job. You'll see that as a continuous theme; people should love what they do every day, and have a blast while doing it. The dude just loves life and lives it to the fullest. He doesn't come across as a fraud, or self-serving, which is not easy to do when you're telling your own story. I will say that he's authentic, in the sense that you feel like you're having a conversation with him, and it can sometimes jump from topic-to-topic with no warning, but if you don't let it deter you, then it's all good. But as it is with the dude, there's nothing conventional about him, except that he loves to live and have fun.

Justin A

Review: Chad Johnson goes all the way through from kid to professional NFL football player to show the inside details of the ups and downs of getting there. He explains the relationships he had with the people who helped him get there. Yeah, this is Chad Johnson so its got his flare. But keep in mind, in his own words, "I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs". He's also very honest. It shows too that he was motivated in some of the right ways and he did get to the big stage. And it shows where maybe he could have been even better but for personal flaws (which we all have) that he is open to share about.