Charity Blackwell

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Charity Blackwell is a Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) practitioner, spoken word artist, host, emcee, and poetry specialist who has spent several years contributing to the arts scene in DC and across national platforms. She is a Trinity University graduate, where she received her B.A and M.A, for Communications. She also received her certificate for Executive Leadership for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion from Georgetown University. She is the Senior Advisor of Arts and Culture at the arts and sports nonprofit DC SCORES and the D.O.P.E (Director of Poetry Events) at the wellrenowned DC arts cultural hub, Busboys and Poets.


Since her early college days, Charity’s natural stage presence and charm have led her to many hosting opportunities, including events such as the Poetry SLAMS Poetry OUT LOUD National competition, Busboys and Poets, and many more. She has performed her original work on national international networks such as BBC News, TEDxTysons, NBA, DC UNITED, the Woman’s Sports Foundation, Major League Soccer Network, The Lincoln Theater, The Kennedy Center, The Hirshhorn Museum, Dock 5, and numerous stages across Washington D.C. and the east coast.


Speaking Topic - 


LGBTQ+ InclusionDiscussing the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ individuals, promoting inclusion, and understanding the importance of allyship.


IntersectionalityDiscussing the intersection of various aspects of diversity, such as race, gender, sexuality, and disability, and how they can compound to create unique challenges and experiences.


Self-Care and Self-CompassionThe Art of Self-Care, Practicing Self-Compassion for Mental Health, Creating a Self-Care Routine.


Owning Your LegacyDiscuss the importance of making a meaningful impact in the work you do. How to make your work and/or passion a legacy for those who will be impacted in the future.


Overcoming AdversityPersonal stories of triumph over adversity. Strategies for resilience and bouncing back from setbacks. Turning obstacles into opportunities.


Embracing ChangeNavigating change with grace and courage. Embracing uncertainty and transformation. The power of adaptability and flexibility.


Finding Your Passion and PurposeDiscovering what truly matters in life. Pursuing your passions and living a purpose-driven life. Unleashing your inner potential.

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