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Chuck Underwood has been consistently evaluated, for two decades, as “the best speaker I’ve ever heard” by audiences throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe.


He is one of the half-dozen people who developed and then popularized the discipline of generational study and strategies.  The original principles he developed are a permanent and prominent part of this discipline.


As the founder/principal of consulting firm The Generational Imperative, Inc., he has consulted and trained more than 600 clients in American and Canadian business, government, education, religion, and other institutions on Generational Marketplace, Workplace, Healthcare, Education, and Religion Strategies, and other critical niche applications of generational study.


Among his clients:  Hewlett-Packard, Procter & Gamble, Coca Cola, Time Warner, Macy’s, State Farm, United States Military, American Council On Education, Veterans Healthcare Administration, and hundreds more across virtually all industries.


His 800-page book is considered the comprehensive bible of generational dynamics and business strategies ever published and is entitled America’s Generations In The Workplace, Marketplace, And Living Room.


His PBS national-television series – America’s Generations With Chuck Underwood – is the first comprehensive presentation of the generations in television history.


He is formally trained in qualitative research methodology and conducts primary generational research for his clients and his own firm.


The Ohio University alumnus, with  his degree in Business Administration, had spent his earlier career years in the mass media of radio and television, first as an award-winning broadcast journalist and national sports play-by-play announcer of major-college football and basketball, and then as a creator and producer of original programming.  


He has taken his rightful place as the eminent authority in generational study.  He authors newspaper and national-magazine columns on generational dynamics, guest-lectures at universities, and is regularly interviewed for generational news stories by magazines, newspapers, and network newscasts.

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Chuck's keynote opens North American YMCA Conference in Dallas to 2,100 attendees