Coach Michael Burt

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Coach Michael Burt, a 17-time author and former championship basketball coach, deeply understands how to inner-engineer individuals to excel in the business world. Coach Michael Burt's coaching career began when he secured his first coaching victory at 18 years of age. By the age of 22, he became Tennessee's youngest head coach and coached Riverdale High School's basketball program.


At the age of 31, he made a transition from his athletic coaching career to establish a multimillion-dollar coaching empire and founded the Monster Producer coaching program. This is Coach Burt’s biggest coaching program as it has over 150 entrepreneurs and sales professionals enrolled. The revolutionary Monster Producer coaching program is a systematic approach designed to teach sales professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations, and anyone committed to rapid growth. This program hones in on six key areas necessary for significant business expansion, and on average, delivers an impressive 43% increase in revenue.


Coach Burt is also a sought-after business and motivational speaker. His stage presence has captivated audiences such as 10X, D2D, and 8% Nation by providing transformative insights and commitment to unlocking human potential.


As the Founder of The Greatness Factory in Nashville, Coach Burt ignites the “Prey Drive” within individuals. 


Today, Coach Burt is known as "America's Coach," as he leverages his championship basketball coaching background to unlock the potential of individuals in the business world. His coaching style revolves around “competitive intelligence” that combines intensity and positivity, fostering action and delivering tangible results.


Experience the power of purpose, the art of packaging, and the science of monetization with Coach Burt, the master expert. His strategies in his Wall Street Journal best-selling book, "Flip The Switch," offer a proven blueprint for turning ideas into tangible success.


Speaking Topics - 


Self Guided Transformation


Unlock the power of influence, not just the act of transaction. Coach Michael Burt's coaching philosophy is rooted in extensive research and a deep understanding of igniting the Prey Drive in individuals. He covers the science of activating a relentless pursuit of excellence, going beyond mere motivation.


In this transformative keynote, Coach Burt shares research-based techniques and mindsets that have proven to be the key to success in today's dynamic market. Discover why outdated methods are no longer effective and how to reshape your approach. Learn the art of framing the context of your product within the conversation and employ simple yet effective strategies and tactics to reduce buyer resistance and gain unwavering acceptance.


Coach Burt's signature keynote is an opportunity to master the art of influence and take your sales game to the next level.


Professional Coaching Development


Experience a "Coaching Revolution" in talent recruitment, training, and development in the workplace.


In this keynote, Coach Michael Burt gives insights into the art of recruiting, training, and nurturing talent within your organization. He will share the secrets of attracting the right individuals to your team and systematically cultivating their potential. Say goodbye to underperforming team members as you embrace a coach's mindset through this transformative workshop.


What you'll take away from this workshop:


  • Enhanced ability to attract the right people

  • Proficiency in developing and nurturing the right people

  • A deeper passion for coaching

  • The tools to become the kind of coach others are willing to work hard for

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Virtual In-Person

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