Connor Fields

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Connor Fields, Olympic BMX gold-medalist, is an acclaimed motivational keynote speaker and peak-performance strategist. His charm and magnetism instantly illuminate a room as he provides attendees with real-world strategies and how to reach for peak performance while incorporating inspiration motivation, practical processes, and essential mindset fine-tuning into his keynote presentations.


As a keynote speaker, Connor provides strong take-away value, as well as a motivating experience, for attendees. His combination of powerful personal stories, along with successful practical applications, leaves attendees with the knowledge and enthusiasm to create detailed action plans for their own success.


Throughout his presentation, Connor opens the curtains to a rarely seen experience of what it takes to win sport's greatest prize and overcome adversity.  While he won Gold in 2016 in Rio, his 2021 crash in Tokyo is on record as the worst summer Olympic injury in 2 decades.  Yet, despite this near-death experience and disappointment, Connor is now on a journey of recovery and self-discovery that he openly shares.  Attendees see behind the usually closed doors of the route to Olympic gold medal and enjoy a roller coaster of emotions while learning skills to improve performance in business, relationships, and life.

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