Dan 'Big Cat' Katz

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Dan "Big Cat" Katz is the host of Pardon my Take podcast on Barstool Sports. The show airs 3x a week and Big Cat is joined by his fellow host PFT Commenter. Pardon my Take is a satirical show, poking fun at traditional sports media and commenting on hot topics in sports of the day. The podcast averages between 750 thousand and 1.5 million listeners per episode. Apple named the show one of the twelve best podcasts of 2016, and in 2017, The Big Lead ranked Big Cat and PFT Commenter as the number one sports media talents under age 40. Recently, Katz has partnered with baseball legend Alex Rodriguez to become an employee of A-Rod Corp and co-host The Corp podcast. Combining comedy, sports, and business into one relatable platform, The Corp takes Rodriguez and Katz around the country to interview business leaders, sports legends, and entrepreneurs to find out what makes them successful in their profession of choice.

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