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Daniel Sieberg is a Co-Founder and Chief Content Officer for GoodTrust (, which is the leading platform for digital legacy and estate planning. He is also Director Innovation Marketing, Moody’s. He is considered one of the most respected tech futurists and analysts of our time and brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom to any speaking or moderating opportunity. Sieberg has the unique skill set of taking virtually any science or technology topic and making it engaging and thought-provoking for any audience (virtual or in-person).

For seven years, he was previously a senior marketing executive and official spokesperson at Google and Huawei USA and has spent the past four years in entrepreneurship as a co-founder and advisor. During his time at Google, Sieberg helped build two teams in service of journalism and storytelling, traveled to more than 25 Google offices, launched multiple large-scale projects including an interview with President Obama at the White House, and is a graduate of the prestigious LEAD program about advanced leadership.

As a correspondent and reporter for nearly 15 years, Sieberg covered science and technology for ABC News, CBS News, and CNN and began his career as a daily reporter with the Vancouver Sun. He has been nominated for 5 national News & Documentary Emmy Awards and appeared as a featured guest across the Discovery Channel, MSNBC, BBC News, NBC’s Today Show; he also hosted dozens of episodes of CNN’s sci-tech show NEXT@CNN and 40 episodes of “G Word” for Planet Green.

Daniel Sieberg has conducted numerous public speaking and moderating on a wide variety of topics from leadership to technology trends to healthcare at high-profile events (e.g. World Science Festival, HPE Discover, SAP Sapphire NOW, World Islamic Economic Forum, The Leadership Network) on every continent except Antarctica. His first book, The Digital Diet, was published in 2011 (Crown, Three Rivers) and his second book, Digital Legacy(Stonesong), was published in 2020. Sieberg has also authored articles in the Washington Post, Details,, and elsewhere.

The topics of his presentations include everything from the pros and cons associated with AI and machine learning to the promise of self-driving vehicles to digital transformation for B2C/B2B to how the evolution of technology and connectedness has affected society and human interactions. If it has to do with science and technology and business or leadership, then Sieberg is adept at connecting the dots.

Sieberg is a member of the Board of Trustees at Saybrook University, a City Year Mentor, and a volunteer media relations specialist with the NY chapter of the American Red Cross. He is also a recipient of the Chief Scout Award of Canada. He believes in integrous and inclusive leadership and leading by example.

He holds a B.F.A. (writing, film) from the University of Victoria (UVic) and an M.J. (journalism, technology) from the University of British Columbia (UBC). A dual citizen of Canada and the U.S., Sieberg has traveled to nearly 70 countries and resides in NYC with his two daughters.

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