David Brownlee

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David Brownlee is a customer experience, communication, and leadership expert. He is the CEO of The Brownlee Group, LLC and founder of the Rockstar Customer Service Training Program. He is a two-time, number one, best-selling author of Rockstar Service, Rockstar Profits, and Customer Service Success and has been featured in Time Magazine, People Magazine and others. He is a former business coach and seminar leader for Tony Robbins and has conducted over 5,000 one-on-one coaching sessions with business owners and executives. He has trained over 2M businesses and individuals from his online courses, keynotes, live events and coaching programs. His clients range from small businesses to large companies - from Harley-Davidson and Oakley to Google and LinkedIn.


David is a serial entrepreneur and sold his first company in 2005. He then moved to Central America with his wife to take a break and learn his 3 s’s…Spanish, Salsa and Surfing. One night when coming home from dinner in a taxicab, David and his wife were kidnapped at gunpoint. David was robbed, beaten and stabbed in the leg. After making it through that horrific experience, David decided in that moment, that life is short and dedicated himself to helping others. He looks at this life event as a “blessing” because it has led him down the path to be here with you on your journey. David believes that we all deserve to be successful in life and business. He also believes that each one of us has the power to create a positive ripple effect of kindness and respect for one another through our interactions. We make this impact, one person at a time.


Fun fact: David is the biggest winner in the history of the Hollywood Squares Game Show on CBS with Whoopi Goldberg.


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Rockstar Customer Service

After being kidnapped at gunpoint, beaten and stabbed, David was thankful to have a second chance at life. He decided to commit himself to serving others through his teaching, speaking and coaching. David believes that we can all make a positive difference in our world, one customer and one employee at a time. David's keynote reveals a new, fast, easy way to increase your revenues, grow your business, and create loyal customers for life. Imagine for a moment that your favorite artist, musician, group or rock star came into your office or called you today requesting your product or service. What would you say to them? What would you do to serve them? Now ask yourself: When was the last time I treated a customer or a client like a rockstar? What would it do for your business if you treat every customer and client like a rockstar? The Rockstar Customer Service Keynote shows business owners, executives, managers, and customer service reps a more effective way for their team to deliver world-class, Rockstar Customer Service to their customers.


Customer Service Success

In David’s keynote, Customer Service Success: The 6 Keys To Deliver A World-Class Experience, he offers you new solutions to the age-old challenges that you face in your business every day. This keynote will answer all of these questions for you and more in an engaging, easy-to-follow format that is entertaining and educational. The concepts and strategies in this keynote are the same ones that David has used to teach over 2 million students from around the world who have found extraordinary success with their customers. The Customer Service Success Keynote gives your audience proven techniques that get you straight to the point of what you need in order to deliver a world-class customer service experience every time - regardless of what is going on around you.

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"We have been waiting to work with David for some time now, the stars were aligned this year and we were able to get him as the keynote speaker for our company convention. David blew the roof off the joint! His energy and enthusiasm are contagious and he is an expert sales and customer service trainer. We signed up to work with him for the next 12 months."

Shawn Fechter, Vice President, Eaglerider

"Rockstar Customer Service helped our company tremendously by taking our customer service to world-class status with our Fortune 500 clients. Without Rockstar Customer Service, we not be at the level we are at today."

Ricky Arriola, CEO, Inktel Contact Center Solutions

"We had a lull in our customer service. The strategies of Rockstar Customer Service helped us grow 30 percent year over year."

Mathew Fink, CEO, Comfort Keepers