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After making it through the British Special Forces’ grueling six-month selection process, Dean Stott became one of the first army members to join the SBS (Special Boat Service). Stott left the military in 2011, after 16 honorable years of service, and continues to live by the Special Forces’ ethos of ‘the unrelenting pursuit of excellence.’ 


Post-military, Stott established a distinguished career in the private security sector. He has faced extortions, kidnappings, civil war, pirates, and military coups and was single handedly responsible for the evacuation of the Canadian embassy in 2014 – rescuing 4 diplomats and 18 military personnel. In a more recent mission, he safely evacuated more than 1,200 people from Afghanistan.


In May 2018 Stott cycled 14,000 miles route from Argentina to Alaska, achieving two world records and raising more than $1.4 million US dollars for mental health awareness charities in the process. Stott is now a renowned international speaker, presenting to multinational brands, sports teams, military departments, schools, and businesses. Stott helped develop the global hit TV franchise “SAS Who Dares Wins” in which people from all walks of life – and a number of high-profile athletes and celebrities – undergo intense military training to test their mettle. Stott currently stars in the Australian version of the show, which is one of the most-watched series on Australian TV this year. 


Stott has consulted on a number of films and TV shows including the UK channel 4 show “Spies” and blockbuster movie “Captain Philips” starring Tom Hanks. Stott uses his own personal life experiences to advise cast and crew on how to be as authentic as possible. His book Relentless shares his extraordinary, inspirational life story to date.  From his courageous military service and record-setting cycling adventures to his rescue missions and friendship with Prince Harry, the book takes a candid and honest look at the life perspective and shared stories of a real-life “James Bond.”  


Stott firmly believes, with the right mindset and plan, nothing you truly desire is out of reach. To him, “impossible” simply means, its hasn’t been done…..yet. 

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Dean is an incredibly engaging, inspiring and thought provoking speaker with a modest approach that leaves the whole room reflecting on their own capability and opportunity to do great things and take action. Many speakers tell a story but Dean inspires action and helps to break down the barriers of our own perceptions and self-belief. I have spent time with Dean in both corporate speaking environments and hosted dinners, both different in approach but equally compelling, thought provoking and fun to be a part of – Fantastic feedback received from all of our guests. I would recommend Dean for Corporate events, Dinner speaking and Team Building opportunities! A true inspiration and genuinely top bloke.

Sam Fitzgibbons (St James's Place wealth management)

The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence is a strapline that resonated for obvious reasons and whatever field you happen to be in, that should be the goal for any business. Dean has a fascinating and entertaining story that has some very simple and clear messages about how to plan and execute an objective and exceed one’s expectations. I’d recommend anyone to listen to his story and am sure it will entertain and inform everyone, irrespective of gender, ethnicity and disability.

Simon Hopes (COO Coutts Bank)

Listening to Dean makes you realise the potential within us all. His story is extraordinary - and he tells it brilliantly. But he’s also a record-breaker, athlete and warrior with a sense of humour. And a humility that sends you away wondering just what you could achieve too. I wish I could have a talk from Dean every day when I wake up.

Joe Fattorini (The Wine show)

We had the opportunity to have Dean speak to one of our businesses that was nearing the end of a major transformation. His story of resilience, courage, perseverance and his ability to adapt, iterate and succeed was both motivational and inspirational. Dean’s philosophy around how to approach complicated and challenging issues and how to manage oneself, a team, and external pressures was spot on for where we were as an organization.

Kurt Hoffman, COO JR286

Thank you so much for taking time out of your VERY busy schedules of making the world better for us all, to speak with us at our conference! Your presentations were so real, transparent and equally as inspiring. I think we will all go out and do something to make ourselves, our family, or the world a little bit better! You were both magnificent. (Joint speaking engagement with Dean and Alana Stott)

Thomson Reuters

Just a short note of appreciation to you and Dean for helping make our Sell '23 Retreat a huge success! Dean's story-telling was outstanding, and his themes clearly reinforced the pillars of our meeting: Communication, Teamwork & Trust. Even more than that, his humility and ability to connect with everyone on the team - regardless of position - really set him apart from other speakers. He was incredibly gracious with his time and left our team feeling truly inspired and smarter for having listened to him. We are a week out from the event, and teammates are still quoting Dean! Working with Dean and his team was very simple, and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a unique speaker that can engage and inspire the team to achieve MORE.... I plan on working with Dean in the future; as his charitable efforts align very well with ours. Thank you for introducing us to a great speaker and a great person.

Jeff Buchbinder, Tri Source
  • What is your favorite quote? "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil, is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke
  • Are there any moments that stand out as having a significant impact on your career? I have been fortunate to have such a number of stand out moments in my life, either in the military, private security sector and now as an adventurer explorer. The majority of these have been
  • Outside of your profession do you have any hobbies/interests? Surfing, Diving and any water-based activities. My interest is to see how far I can push myself in extreme conditions.
  • Who do you look up to as a mentor and why? Ive always looked up to my Father as my mentor, although no longer here I am instilling those life lessons learnt from him to my children.