Deb Fiddelke

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As a Chief Communications Officer, Deputy Assistant at the White House, environmental and national security policy leader on Capitol Hill, and senior leader for major global companies and global agencies, Deb Fiddelke have led strategic communications and government relations for some of the most impactful entities in the world throughout her 25-year career.


From spearheading legislative efforts to combat global HIV/AIDS to battling the Zika virus outbreak and launching campaigns and crisis communications, she is on a mission to inspire goodwill and build solutions of common ground for the people and organizations most responsible for societal outcomes.


Currently, the Chief Communications & Marketing Officer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Fiddelke is helping the university think differently about effective communications by elevating the university’s brand and identity and creating strategic direction, to maximize its reach.


For Fiddelke, there is power in the partnership of communications and government relations. At SC Johnson, she bridged international partnerships and public health organizations. And her corporate communications work at Edelman, the public relations and marketing firm, led global teams that had vital impacts in campaigns and crisis communications. 


Her impact as a bipartisan force in the political sector is also diverse and expansive, as Fiddelke has worked on Capitol Hill and at the White House during the George W. Bush administration.


She partnered with senators regarding national security legislative efforts and led the development and implementation of strategies to advance initiatives and other interests related to Congress. Additionally, she guided Chuck Hagel’s successful campaign, defining and elevating his brand, both locally and nationally.


Fiddelke has a great capacity to guide, coach, and nurture people’s abilities. She challenges others to think beyond the way it’s always been done and to live in possibilities. She seeks the promise in people and helps them see it too. 


Through her visionary work and approach, Fiddelke aims to encourage opportunities for two-way communication and compassion, especially in times of crisis, and be an advocate for the role the private sector can play, ultimately aiming to inspire others to take action.


Speaking Topics - 


  • How to use your reputation for good

  • How to impact organizations to best influence society

  • Why societal change must start with the private sector

  • Why good will and open minds are critical to progress

  • Finding common ground in times of crisis

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