Deborah Jiang-Stein

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Deborah Jiang-Stein is a national speaker, and author of the memoir, Prison Baby, and Women Behind Bars: Collected Interviews. She is also the Founder & CEO of the unPrison Project, a nonprofit serving people in prisons. A sought-after speaker, Deborah applies her expertise in addressing how to find meaning, ways to navigate uncertainty, and exploring the universal question: What is your essence, your true purpose?


Deborah is recognized as an impactful corporate "rain-maker" who shares her lived experience to inspire conversations around themes such as finding purpose, the power of curiosity, recovery from all forms of setbacks, resilience, spirituality, and work-life balance. Deborah's keynotes have received glowing reviews from corporate and civic clients. 


Deborah is also a leading voice on topics related to women and mass incarceration (pregnant when sentenced, carceral family bonding, foster care placement, literacy and education, and re-entry.) Drawing on her experiences building the unPrison Project, her nonprofit striving to empower people with life skills for living in uncertainty and overcoming obstacles, she is consistently sought after by faith communities, professional associations (law enforcement, mental health, social services, etc...), and schools. 


Under Deborah's leadership, the unPrison Project has reached more than 20,000 incarcerated women (10% of the total female prison population in the U.S.) and addressed conference audiences of up to 4,000 attendees.

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