Dennis Kimbro

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Dr. Dennis Kimbro, a distinguished academic and a unique voice on leadership, wealth, and achievement, has dedicated his career to uncovering the principles that drive extraordinary success. As a professor at the Clark Atlanta University School of Business Administration, he stands out as a leading authority, adept at extracting the keys that unlock human potential.


A father to three daughters, Kelli, Kimberli, and MacKenzie, Dr. Kimbro's pivotal work has profoundly impacted industries and organizations worldwide. His collaboration with the Napoleon Hill Foundation to complete Hill's unfinished manuscript on how underprivileged Black Americans could pull themselves out of poverty resulted in The New York Times Bestseller Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice. This seminal text distills the secrets of peak performers and how they utilize these lessons to make dreams a reality.


A highly sought-after keynote speaker, Dr. Kimbro has documented his insights on peak performance for thousands globally. His principles have galvanized professional teams like the Ohio State Buckeyes, Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Kansas City Royals, and Denver Nuggets. An impressive array of corporations, from General Motors to Apple to Nike, have engaged Dr. Kimbro to inspire and educate their workforces.


The author of several acclaimed books, including The Wealth ChoiceSuccess Secrets of Black Millionaires and What Makes the Great GreatStrategies for Extraordinary Achievement, Dr. Kimbro's tireless work and insightful analysis have earned him numerous accolades, including the Dale Carnegie Personal Achievement Award and the Nat'l Black MBA Association's H. Naylor Fitzhugh Award, recognizing him as one of the nation's top professors. His respected media presence, with appearances on Today, Larry King, CNN, and features in publications like The New York Times, further solidify his status as a trusted authority.


With expertise honed through decades of research and a doctorate from Northwestern studying wealth and poverty, Dr. Kimbro brings an unwavering commitment to empowering audiences to identify and activate the keys for extraordinary accomplishment.


Speaking Topics –


Generational Wealth: Learn evidence-based approaches to not just generating wealth for yourself but preserving it for future generations.


Leadership: The best leaders don’t force people to follow them –– they inspire them to want to follow. Learn how to build your organization around a mission that inspires and drives you and those around you forward.


Adaptability: Help your team overcome new challenges in an ever-changing world.


Creativity & Innovation: Every organization has the opportunity to break new ground — in fact, it’s essential.


Sales Management: Train, motivate, and optimize your sales team to help them maximize every interaction with a potential client.


Brand Building: Stand out from the competition by defining your mission, your value, and your voice.


Diversity: Avoid the echo-chamber effect and build teams with varied perspectives and experiences that are more resilient, more creative, and more productive.


Relationship Management: Struggling to take your team to the next level? Learn how to build teams and processes that maximize efficiency, creativity, and, most importantly, purpose.

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"[Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice] is so powerful because Kimbro took the philosophies of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and created a version specifically for black people… He studies how these people built wealth within the context of their black experience, and I think that is very, very important."

Anthony O'Neal

“I have had the distinct pleasure to speak at the same events as Dr. Kimbro. Thankfully, in both cases, I spoke immediately before him! His messages of hope, love and inspiration make one of the greatest team building and personal growth leaders I have ever encountered. Dr. Kimbro is simply the best in bringing human potential to the forefront.”

Dr. Jeffrey C. Mackey

“Your teachings and books helped me go from sleeping on the floor of my best friend’s apartment to earning over $10 million dollars in my business. Thank you for your wisdom, knowledge, and training. You have helped shape an entire generation.”

Dr. Pasha Carter