Dina McMillan

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Dr. Dina McMillan, Ph.D. is an American social psychologist, internationally published author and keynote speaker. A Hunter College B.A. graduate, she attained both an M.A. and Ph.D. from Stanford University. Her specialization in interpersonal relationships, social stratification, and influence mechanisms allows her to educate the public on domestic abuse prevention and improved response, resilience, influence, persuasion, and manipulation, and anti-bias and anti-racism training.


Dr. McMillan's ability to educate the public is furthered through her works. Her groundbreaking program, Unmasking the Abuser, allows for Dr. McMillan to dissect into the specific tactics used by abusers to ensnare their partners. In response to the widespread accusations of racism, colonialism and white supremacy in 2020, Dr. McMillan, created another program called Healing the Rift. This program was structured differently from many of the other attempted solutions to combat these injustices - this is a more substantive anti-bias program, and it provides necessary tools to educate people on both the causes and effects of persistent racial and other types of bias.


As of now, Dr. McMillan lives in Brisbane, Australia. She frequently travels internationally and is available for in-person work in Australia and throughout the world.


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