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For groups who want to experience highly interactive keynotes and workshops that make upleveling their skills entertaining and fun, Dion Flynn the expert who provides innovative ways to help connect people with themselves and others.  Best known for his 100+ Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon appearances, Dion brings the tools of improv, which are the scientifically proven tools of human connection, to business. Whether increasing sales, upleveling teams or taking leadership teams to the next level, Dion's highly interactive workshops are the answer. To make leadership onstage-stars, Dion's "Talk Show" set up makes company messages engaging and fun.


Dion Flynn is a teacher, improviser, comedian, performer, writer, and army veteran. Dion discovered that the skills he used on stage and TV for both improvisational and scripted comedy paralleled the skills needed in recovery from process and substance addiction, and also came in handy for basic human development as well as interpersonal and business communication skills. As a result, he co-created The Improvisor’s Mindset (with Jeanne M. Stafford) to draw connections between these theatrical skills and the critical skills needed for successful, grounded connection for the spiritual seeker, and an enhanced business and personal life for the rest of us.


Dion sees the journey from isolation to connection as the basic journey of any recovery and the basic storyline of the soul.


Dion has performed with, taught, or led improv workshops for MTV, VH-1, Logo, Rock The Vote, Google, PNC Bank, Herman Miller, The M&A Advisor, Ardent, Maersk, PWC, Ecolab, The North Carolina Lawyers Association, Keller Williams and countless others. 


Speaking Topics:


The Improvisors Mindset:  
The basic tools of improv are the basic tools of human relationships and therefore the basics of good business. Have your salespeople learn the basics of improv and how they apply to skyrocketing sales.  Learn to be more accepting in communication and get more wins. From high pressure and high performing sales teams who need to close the deal, to doctors who want to connect with their patience, improv teaches connection. Leaders learn to communicate ideas in an engaging manner that encourages teams to buy in and be more successful.  Improv makes previously dysfunctional teams work more cohesively - the perfect workshop for challenging matrix structures, acquisitions and change management.

The Early, Early Late Show:
Turn your event stage into a talk show, where Dion is the host and your leaders are the featured guests.  Dion artfully recreates a talk show feel with a company focused "monologue" and then guides leaders  to share their messages with the audience in a fun interview style.  A great alternative to dry podium talks!  Elevates leaders by enhancing their fun side.  (the included prep and practice will make it a hit!) 

Truth in Comedy Keynote or Workshop:
Dion Flynn will lead your group of any size in a stand-up comedy workshop based upon what’s funny about your own corporate culture. Every culture has its quirks and what better way to let off steam, bond and have a blast than with a comedy event of your own making?

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Virtual In-Person

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“One of our favorite creative thinkers.”

Oprah Magazine

"One of the funniest guys I know."

Jimmy Fallon

"Thank you! Our Emerging Leaders Conference group truly enjoyed themselves and it was such a great experience."