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Dr. Lilly Tam has helped thousands confront the self-limiting beliefs that are restricting them from the levels of success in their work and personal life that they deserve. 


Lilly works with teams and companies at global organizations to implement mindfulness, wellness, and high-performance cultures. Through her work and research as a personal and team development coach and workshop leader, she founded the CHUNKYbrain meditation app, and The S.I.S.P.E.P method. Her work has been transformative at educational, tech organizations, high-performance financial companies, well-known hospitality brands, and global brands like CNN and AT&T. 

Attendees focus on their 6 dimensions of wellness—Spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Physical, Emotional, and Professional—to identify opportunities for growth so they can move forward with positive changes in their lives and overcome obstacles that are holding them back. In her private practice, she has helped thousands of clients -  ranging from the everyday employee to leaders and executives in the C-suite - who have plateaued or burned out get past self-limiting barriers and achieve their work and personal goals. 


A 2x Tedx speaker, Lilly did her doctoral research at the University of Southern California on “Exploring Mindfulness and Employee Engagement.” Lilly graduated with a BA from Loyola Marymount University, a MA from UC Santa Barbara, an EdD from the University of Southern California, and is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist.


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Employee disengagement and burnout are critical issues in every organization – resulting in a major impact on productivity, employee retention, healthcare costs and morale. On average 90% of our workforce has admitted to feeling disempowered and feeling stuck at some point everydayResearch has shown the human brain naturally leans towards the negative, which can decrease motivation and performance. In addition to lost productivity, employees feel demoralized which negatively impacts the entire company and undermines company culture.


In this interactive session, Dr. Lilly shares her personal story of resilience, her framework for success, and she offers an uplifting perspective that inspires purpose and possibility in team members, who may be struggling with work-life imbalance, loss of meaning, and resistance to change.


There is a common belief that personal growth requires significant and extraordinary changes. However, it is important to recognize the value of embracing uncertainty and taking small steps outside of one’s comfort zone. Dr. Lilly offers mindfulness-based strategies for fostering authenticity and promoting continuous growth, specifically targeting employees who are feeling stuck and unmotivated. By making minor adjustments and aligning their work with their authentic self, individuals can gradually make progress toward new opportunities. This can result in reigniting the human spirit, driving engagement, innovation and balance.


There is opportunity for leaders to acknowledge the stagnation and help employees move from the frozen ”stuck-ness” to take thoughtful action. Dr. Lilly’s proven framework and methodology helps your team shift their mindset by empowering micro-actions that illuminate self-awareness, taking a pause from the reactivity and moving forward with intention. Building this practice into a habit ensures long-lasting, proactive productivity that ultimately improves personal and business outcomes.


Attendees will have an opportunity to dive deep into their personal goals and align them with their professional and organizational priorities, allowing the individual to make a blueprint for taking proactive action leading to massive results.


Dr. Lilly guides the group in strengthening their self-awareness muscle, to understand the root of their joy and motivation, build empathy for others, but more importantly themselves. Listeners will feel seen, cared for, and most importantly – hopeful. Hopeful that small steps fueled by self-belief can slowly rebuild meaning, purpose and fulfillment in their work and personal life. They will also learn tools to soothe their self-doubt driven by the inner critic. Even if the path ahead seems unclear, Dr. Lilly inspires audiences to listen to their hearts, leverage their inner strength, and take it day by day.


In this interactive session that features a blend of keynote and workshop experiences with the audience, your team will learn tools to work through the “stuck-ness”. There is an optional add-on for this session that includes a guided visualization for the audience to lock-in their learning and beliefs to make their maybe into their reality.



Do you want to ensure that your teams and organization are performing at their highest levels and empowered for continued growth? Can your team better overcome setbacks and downturns? When your competitors have the same access to resources, capital, and technology as you do, how do you rise above? Your only competitive advantage is a high-performing team. The best companies have created a culture that can thrive in challenging circumstances with teams that are energized that are wholly present. This happens when each employee can use their superpower of being fully authentic.


Dr. Lilly’s expertise comes from working with thousands of people to focus on developing positive mindsets in the most stressful of situations. This individual growth reflects on the improvement of companies and organizations through increased employee retention, decreased incidence of burnout, and improved employee engagement. 


In this actionable and interactive talk, Dr. Lilly illustrates how corporate success is intrinsically linked to the personal success of each employee. By accepting the reality that personal and business are forever intertwined, Dr. Lilly takes a deep dive into the core values of both the individual and the organization. The alignment of both personal and organizational values optimizes the opportunity for true engagement which results in the highest levels of performance at all levels of the organization.



Are you still beating yourself up about that lost opportunity or failed deal? Are complaints and all around negativity starting to infiltrate the majority of your workplace conversations? Are you maxed out dealing with all the changes so you’re playing a never ending game of whack-a-mole? You don’t need data to know this negatively affects your ability to find fulfillment in your life. 


“Just get over it,’ is no longer a sustainable attitude to overcoming challenges. By using tools to build empathy for ourselves, we can separate the facts of a situation from the fiction our inner critic feeds us. This practice strengthens the resilience muscle that helps us combat the spiral of negativity that decreases motivation and performance in the face of everyday challenges.  


In this interactive workshop, Dr. Lilly shows you how to use empathy to build your understanding of yourself and others around you by helping you silence the untruths of the inner critic. She developed the proven S.I.S.P.E.P method to help build inner resilience to find peace and joy despite daily challenges. You’ll come away understanding what’s holding you back, so you can stop repeating the same mistakes and learn to recover quickly from setbacks.

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