Dr. Rodante Saballa

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Dr. Rodante Saballa is a board certified Chiropractic Sports Physician and practices in Los Angeles, California. He is an expert in Human Movement and Holistic Health. Blending his experiences in the fields of Strength & Conditioning, Sports Medicine, and Wellness, he brings a wealth of knowledge on how to manage and improve your physical and mental states of health.

Dr. Rodante bridges the gap between the clinical and practical worlds and translates the esoteric into simple, ready-to-apply pearls of knowledge that his audience can take home and immediately apply to their lifestyle. 

He speaks to motivate and educate his audience on the importance of preventative care and the value of looking at the body from a holistic perspective.

Speaking Topics -


Speaking topics in regards to education cover a variety of fields from fitness, to sports, wellness, and nutrition. 

  • Fitness: Talks on this topic help define what fitness is, how I know if I am fit, strategies to improve fitness, and how to become fitter while dealing with a certain medical condition.
  • Wellness: Talks on this topic define what wellness is, what the global trend around wellness currently is, strategies for implementing wellness routines to your lifestyle, and how to stay well.
  • Sports: Talks on this topic break down sports into fundamental movement patterns and begin with understanding human movement at a foundational level and building upon that until we get to a specific sport of discussion. Furthermore, strategies for improving performance, decreasing the likelihood of injury, and recovery strategies are often discussed. 

Health Care

Speaking topics in regard to health care focus on traditional options for health conditions that people face along with complementary and alternative medicine substitutes, as well as nutritional intervention. I speak on the current trends in today’s healthcare system as well as alternative and extremely effective options.


Returning back to daily function or sport from an injury or disease.

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