Dr. Sanjiv Chopra

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As a professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, I have the distinct pleasure and opportunity of inspiring young minds. Through science and education, medical students and doctors find a path and a purpose: saving lives. The value of the work we do together—me sharing education and experience and the students receiving that knowledge and applying it to their own lives and desires– is my life’s work, but the fulfillment of my mind alone is not enough. The mind is only one part of the human triumvirate.

As a doctor, I see firsthand that without health we are impoverished. The constant pursuit of a healthy body is vital for complete and holistic well-being. No act of wellness is ever wasted and it has been my mission to strive to inspire people to lead healthy lives and take care of their bodies. It is easy to forget that you have only one body: your body is your vessel – indeed your temple –  for this life and will serve you as well as you choose to honor it. This was my impetus behind authoring Dr. Chopra Says:  Medical Facts and Myths Everyone Should Know and Live Better and Live Longer. I felt it was befitting to share the knowledge that I have gained through my many years of practicing medicine to help others on their journey to health.

And still, there are many times in life when an educated mind and a healthy body is not enough. When I am worn thin by the demands of life I am dependent on spiritual nourishment to carry me forward.  My family’s core values have been shaped and nourished by the practice of daily meditation. Since I was a small boy I have been taught to calm and expand the mind through the practice of being grounded and connecting to the true self. I feel I have opened my heart and mind and found incredible fulfillment through these practices. In our dual memoir, Brotherhood: Dharma, Destiny and the American Dream, my brother Deepak and I share, amongst other things, these childhood influences and how they shaped our individual destinies.

I want to inspire others to live healthier, balanced lives and to make a difference in this world by leading. In my book, Leadership by Example, I illustrate the ten core principles of effective leadership.  All of us have the potential to become exemplary leaders at many levels.  To do so, one must have a sense of purpose, dare to dream big, and live a life of integrity so that others will be inspired to embark on their own leadership journey.


Dr. Chopra's keynotes include:

  • Leadership By Example: The Ten Key Principles of all Great Leaders
  • Health, Happiness, and Living with Purpose
  • Live Better, Live Longer
  • Top Stories in Medicine in the Last Century: And Predictions About the Next 50 Years
  • An Invitation to Good Health and Lasting Happiness
  • Microbiome, Man and Medicine: A Revolution in Modern Medicine
  • Life Long Learning: A Look Through The Rear View Mirror and a Peek Ahead 

He always works with organizers to combine themes as necessary to ensure his presence contributes to the successful implementation of event goals. 

Dr. Sanjiv Chopra's Experiences

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