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Dug McGuirk is an extraordinary Motivational, Inspirational and Transformational keynote speaker who ignites a fire within individuals to unleash their full potential. With an illustrious background in the music industry, Dug's journey started from humble beginnings, lacking contacts and experience, but he defied the odds and soared to great heights. From being an intern, he carved his path to working on multi-platinum, Grammy-winning albums. This journey eventually led him to his true calling – speaking.

Dug's passion for speaking flourished during his time touring the country as a member of various rock bands. As fate would have it, he discovered his knack for delivering powerful keynotes while captivating audiences at music conferences. Like many of us, Dug faced the challenge of reinventing himself and crafting a new career. Fortunately, he was handpicked by none other than Tony Robbins himself, becoming a top-rated Trainer and Senior Peak Performance Strategist. His remarkable expertise also led him to co-author the acclaimed book "Multiple Streams of Inspiration" alongside Jack Canfield and Johnny Wimbrey.

Not only is Dug a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), but he is also certified in Neo Ericksonian Hypnosis. These invaluable skills enable him to create profound and lasting change in a remarkably short period of time. Dug's personal journey also encompasses overcoming struggles with addictive substances at an early age, granting him a unique perspective on resilience and transformation.

In addition to his speaking engagements, Dug held the prestigious role of VP of Training and Development at Palm Healthcare, a renowned multi-facility drug and alcohol behavior health treatment program. Within this role, he spearheaded professional and business development, providing leadership training and driving sales force success. Dug also played a vital role in working closely with clients and their families, facilitating transformative group sessions and offering personal coaching. Together with his wife Heidi, he co-created and co-facilitated the Family Program, enriching the lives of countless individuals on their path to recovery. During his time in the healthcare space he authored Under Construction: Navigating the Detours on the Road to Recovery.

Dug's training sessions are nothing short of intense, interactive experiences that unearth the leader within all of us. His passion and enthusiasm are palpable, surpassed only by his genuine care and desire to make a lasting difference. Through the art of dynamic storytelling, humor, and strategic skill-teaching, participants in Dug's trainings undergo deep and lasting transformations, empowering them to reach their ultimate potential.

Furthermore, Dug offers customized presentations, workshops, and training sessions tailored to suit your specific needs. Drawing from his diverse experiences, he taps into his vast repertoire to deliver captivating and impactful experiences for every audience. Dug's magnetic presence has graced esteemed organizations such as Honeywell, the US Army, Clean Earth, Engineered Tax Services, NY Life, Douglas Elliman, Delta, American Airlines, Ferguson, MARTA, Pfizer, 66 Degrees, and many more. Each engagement has added new layers to his narrative, enhancing his ability to connect with audiences across the spectrum.

Embarking on this incredible journey, Dug's passion for transformation has culminated in a speaking style that transcends traditional speeches. His presentations are immersive spectacles of personal growth, incorporating awe-inspiring elements such as fire walking, arrow breaking, and glass walking. These powerful metaphors become catalysts for overcoming personal barriers, leaving a lasting impact on participants' lives. Dug's aim is not only to inspire but also to empower attendees with practical strategies that foster emotional mastery, life purpose, legacy building, and faith.

When Dug takes the stage, he weaves a tapestry of experiences that intimately connect with his audience. Through vulnerability and humor, he creates an environment where personal growth flourishes. Dug's true passion burns brightest when guiding executives, business owners, and sales teams on their transformative journey. By embarking on this collective expedition, they discover new horizons of fulfillment and create a remarkable impact in their spheres of influence.

Speaking Topics:

Lead With Conviction: Mastering Change in Times of Uncertainty

Dug provides frameworks for leading with courage, embracing uncertainty, and guiding teams through periods of complex change and disruption. Has uncertainty shaken your team's motivation and morale? As a master practitioner of NLP, Dug McGuirk provides proven frameworks for leading with courage, embracing ambiguity, and guiding teams to breakthroughs during disruption. Blending decades of human behavior insights with breakthrough moments like firewalking, Dug drives home the message that transformational leadership is needed during transitional times. Don't allow uncertainty to paralyze progress. Invest in your team’s capabilities with Dug’s inspirational keynote. Attendees will leave with renewed passion, focus, and a toolkit to master change as true conviction leaders. The goal is that attendees leave with frameworks, philosophies and tools to enhance their leadership, relationships and personal growth.

Creatures of Addict: 6 Critical Needs to Address when Dealing with Addiction and Recovery
A silent killer of progress and growth in any organization stems from mental health and addiction issues.  What we are really speaking of is coping skills to deal with underlying issues.  The truth is drugs and alcohol are not the real problem, they are a solution.  In this interactive keynote Dug will unpack mental health, addiction and recovery in a new way creating understanding and tools for change.  Dug's expertise working in the field of addiction for over 7 years gives him keen insight to the real challenges companies and families face and provides easily applicable solutions. 


Creatures of Addict: Navigating Recovery for Organizational and Personal Growth

 Substance abuse and mental health issues are silent killers of progress in organizations and families. In this eye-opening keynote, acclaimed speaker Dug McGuirk provides a new perspective on addiction, coping mechanisms, and pathways to recovery. Blending 7+ years of expertise with breakthrough exercises, Dug empowers audiences with: A counterintuitive view of addiction as a solution rather than the core problem. Tools to address the underlying causes; Ways to constructively cope with stress, trauma, and challenges without destructive behaviors; How to build a culture of support and vulnerable communication to prevent addiction relapses; Proven neuroscience-based techniques to rewire thinking patterns and sustain recovery; Optimizing personal and organizational growth by addressing addiction issues head-on. Dug incorporates memorable experiences including fire walking and arrow breaking to drive home the message that transforming addiction liberates untapped potential. Don't let addiction issues remain a silent killer of progress. Equip your leaders with a new understanding of addiction, coping strategies, and recovery frameworks through Dug's transformative keynote.

From Fear to Fire: Mastering Breakthroughs for Emotional and Action Mastery
Embark on an electrifying journey from the paralyzing grip of fear to the exhilarating blaze of mastery with Dug McGuirk in "From Fear to Fire". This is not just a keynote—it's a transformative experience that will challenge, inspire, and empower your audience to turn their deepest fears into fuel for success. Dug McGuirk, a seasoned expert in personal and professional breakthroughs, draws from a wealth of life experiences, from the music industry to overcoming personal adversity, to deliver a potent message of empowerment. His interactive keynote goes beyond conventional speaking, inviting participants to engage in powerful breakthrough exercises like firewalking, symbolizing and actualizing the leap from fear to action. Ideal for leadership retreats, corporate conferences, and personal development seminars, "From Fear to Fire" promises to leave a lasting impact, equipping every participant with the mindset and methods to transform their fears into a source of strength and success. Book this experiential keynote and ignite the transformation within your team or audience. Propel them into a world where fear is no longer a hurdle but a stepping stone to emotional and action mastery.

Intoxicated By Love: Mastering the Art of Relationships and Emotion
In the dynamic landscape of young adulthood, forging meaningful connections and navigating the complex tapestry of emotions become foundational experiences. Enter Dug McGuirk, a celebrated facilitator and seasoned relationship strategist, known for his transformative sessions that resonate deeply with college audiences. Drawing upon his extensive background in human behavior and neuro-linguistic programming, Dug delves into the intricate dynamics of relationships, offering attendees a roadmap to build connections that are both authentic and enduring. But Dug’s sessions are more than just lectures. Merging thought-provoking content with exhilarating activities like firewalking, he creates a sanctuary where participants embark on introspective journeys, confronting vulnerabilities and shattering emotional barriers. Dug's accolades are not just limited to his expertise in relationship dynamics. His own transformative journey, coupled with his entrepreneurial achievements and motivational speaking prowess, grants him a unique lens through which he views the world. It’s this very perspective that has resonated with countless individuals, inspiring them to embrace love and relationships with renewed intention and purpose. Step away from transient, reactive approaches to relationships. Choose mindfulness, intentionality, and depth. This workshop promises not just academic growth, but a profound evolution in personal relationships and emotional intelligence. College students stand at the cusp of pivotal life moments; equip them with the insights and strategies to forge bonds that last a lifetime.

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"Looking for a high-powered, high-energy presentation to get yourself or your team on point? Dug is THE ONE to get you there. His charisma is beyond anything you have ever seen, and his ability to connect with the audience is outstanding. I highly recommend bringing Dug in for your next event."

Jessica Brace

"Dug had me fill the room with my employees, and in under ONE HOUR he delivered me back MY TEAM!!!! Two weeks later, my TEAM is still thanking me for finding him! This was a turn-key solution for team-building, motivation, and high energy output from formerly less than positive employees. I STRONGLY recommend having Dug transform your organization!"

Paul Boudreau

"Dug is an outstanding leadership trainer with an exceptional gift for creating an engaging presentation. His style is energetic and passionate...a superb approach in coaching others to take ACTION! He shares practical, realistic Implementation Strategies and encourages active participation from his audiences. I highly recommend him for any leadership/motivational speaking engagements."

Nancy Major