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Eric Termuende is the Co-Founder of NoW of Work, author of Rethink Work, trusted advisor, and an award-winning speaker on leadership, culture, and the future of work. His profound investigations into the DNA of the world’s most exemplary workplaces have unraveled the inner workings of exceptional leadership and the blueprint for building teams that are not only merely resilient and innovative but are forward-looking and primed for the challenges of tomorrow. 


Eric has not only worked with, but significantly transformed, an impressive roster of category-leading brands—Amazon, Coca-Cola, Nationwide, IBM, Zoom, Nokia, John Deere, and Toyota, among others— propelling them towards embracing the future with excitement and optimism. His insights and achievements have garnered attention across the globe, featuring in esteemed outlets such as Forbes and Fast Company Inc., among others, cementing his status as a thought leader whose perspectives are shaping the future of work. 


Beyond the podium, Eric’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership acumen have flourished in his role as the co-founder of NoW of Work, a boutique firm helping to pioneer change and innovation in the workplace. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Emerging Innovators by American Express, Eric’s influence extends far beyond the stage, positioning him as a pivotal figure in the collective journey toward understanding and navigating the future of work. 


Eric’s keynote programs transcend the conventional, offering a blend of entertainment, profound insights, and practical, actionable strategies. Attendees consistently laud his presentations as not only enriching and enjoyable but also as a catalyst for immediate, tangible change. With Eric Termuende, the audience embarks on more than just a learning journey; they gain a trusted guide, equipped with the tools, perspectives, and enthusiasm to excel in and shape the workplaces of tomorrow. 


Speaking Topics - 


BLUEPRINT TO THE FUTURE: Leading in a New World of Work 


While the trends, charts, graphs, and predictions of work are interesting, the rhetoric around the future of work is often stuck on what it might look like, not how we get there. Instead of wasting time trying to predict what’s next, leaders need to better understand the specific steps we need to take to focus on building incredible teams that thrive in the face of adversity and uncertainty, regardless of what the future of work brings us. Most important though, is how to navigate uncertainty while having each other’s backs along the way. 


In this engaging, insight-filled, and actionable presentation, workplace culture and leadership expert Eric Termuende shares his research-based blueprint for successful leadership in a world that has yet to be created. Attendees will receive a practical guide to building teams that are more productive, engaged, creative, and innovative. They’ll learn from the experiences of the National Football League, category-leading companies, and trailblazers from around the world about the importance of building trust, removing friction, and creating a culture of experimentation. 


Attendees will discover ways to ‘future-proof’ their teams by making a series of one-degree shifts that result in an improved sense of belonging, psychological safety, and engagement. Attendees will walk away with immediate, actionable, budget-free steps to become the type of leader who builds resilient, innovative teams, no matter what else is going on in the world. 


What audiences come away with: 

  • Practical strategies to boost trust, resilience, and camaraderie 
  • Research-backed insights on building team agility and excitement toward impending change 
  • An understanding of how to harness the power of one-degree shifts 
  • Methods for finding and reducing friction within teams 
  • Actionable steps to cultivate a culture of experimentation, risk-free 


LEADERSHIP AND AI: Building High-performing Teams in the New World of Work 


Weaving its way into nearly every conversation from the boardroom to the dinner table, we talk about AI like we talk about any news story of the day. AI isn’t just a news story though, nor is it a flash-in-the-pan. It is a revolutionary technology that is turning the page and starting a brand-new chapter in the world of work and leadership. 


Today, leaders of category-leading companies, associations, and non-profits need to not only understand what AI truly is, but they’ll also need to know how it will change the world of work in the years to come, and how the foundations of building trust, belonging, and connection haven’t changed one bit. The very best leaders don’t just know what AI is, they know how to build high-performing teams as AI continues to invade the workplace. AI isn’t just about technology and tools; it is about change as we’ve never seen before, and leaders need to know exactly what to do about it. Eric will show them the way. 


In this insightful, actionable, and eye-opening keynote, leaders will understand specifically how to build resilient, trusting, and engaged teams both because of and despite AI in a world that is changing faster than we’ll ever understand. While AI won’t replace us, the leaders who understand AI and know what to do about it most certainly will. In this keynote, Eric Termuende will teach exactly how to be a better leader in a world dominated by AI. 


What audiences come away with:

  • What AI is, how it is changing the world of work, and what to watch out for 
  • How to build trust in their team when change appears to be constant 
  • 3 tips to boost engagement, remove friction, and navigate uncertainty 
  • Why AI is a tool and not a threat 
  • Strategies to boost camaraderie and experimentation across teams 
  • The ethics of AI and what we truly need to know


UNWAVERING: Building Incredible Teams for the Future of Work 


Uncertainty is inevitable in the new world of work. In the face of ongoing change, will we see our people running for the exits, or will they be there to support and help each other? Change is happening faster than ever before and building unwavering teams that are resilient, ultra-collaborative, and even excited about that change has never been more important. But how do we build unwavering teams? Trust, empathy, and ongoing experimentation. 


Workplace culture and leadership expert Eric Termuende has spent nearly a decade decoding exactly what creates unwavering teams: those that are resilient, rooted in belonging, and have a deep sense of safety and inclusivity. These are the types of teams that thrive through change because they know that while change may be difficult, the only thing worse is standing still. Eric has created a playbook for cultivating unwavering teams, and in this session, attendees will both learn it and be able to take it home with them. 


By discovering how to enhance collaboration, developing excitement for all of the possibilities experimentation yields, and deciphering the root of trust across a team, attendees will come away from this session understanding how to become the incredible leader who inspires their teams to perform at their best and stand strong through anything the future may hold. 


What audiences come away with: 

  • Deep knowledge about the root of collaboration and how to enhance it across the team 
  • Research-backed insights around trust, psychological safety, and belonging at work 
  • How to enhance excitement about change and how to involve the whole team in the process 
  • The most important question to ask to get engagement and buy-in 
  • Why the future is something to be excited about, not scared of 


SNOWFLAKES AND FINGERPRINTS: How to Attract Top Talent in the Future of Work


Regardless of where we look, talent shortages are impacting every industry, and competition is fierce. With an entire generation on the precipice of retirement, and not enough workers ready to replace them, the situation is only going to get fiercer. More than ever before, we need to do whatever we can to attract and retain top talent. But what is that? After a decade of research on the world’s greatest places to work, workplace culture and leadership expert Eric Termuende has the answer. 


Like snowflakes and fingerprints, it all comes down to uniqueness. The days of job listings demanding an extensive list of skills and attributes from potential employees are gone. Instead, we need to talk about the larger workplace experience and the difference our organizations are making in the world. To attract the right talent in today’s environment, we must plant our metaphorical flag in the ground and emphasize what makes us, as employers, different from the rest. 


This means highlighting not only how and where we work, but also the more intangible aspects of our organization, like our purpose and values. It means leveraging our current employees’ experiences and sharing why they love their jobs. To attract talent in the future of work we need to be loud and proud about the things that make us uniquely us. 


In this fun and takeaway-filled presentation, attendees will not only learn how to create their own compelling stories to attract the right talent to their organization, but they’ll also leave with a talent attraction framework they can continue to refine as the world of work keeps evolving. 


What audiences come away with: 

  • Actionable ways to create and share a unique, sticky, and impactful employee value proposition 
  • Key strategies for leveraging your best recruiters (a.k.a. your existing team) 
  • An understanding of why creating a ‘best’ place to work might not mean what you think it does (and what licorice, cilantro, and pineapple pizza has to do with it) 
  • Knowledge of where culture lives, and how to adapt your story based on the team/location you’re hiring for 


GENERATION ALL: How to Build and Lead Multigenerational Teams 


Regardless of which workplace resource we look at, we’re inundated with information about how to ensure harmony, productivity, and alignment when the different generations come together as co-workers. But what if we’re answering the wrong questions? Instead of asking ‘how do we get different generations to work together?’ we asked, ‘how do we build deeper connection, trust, and awareness of the people we work with every day?’ 


In this refreshing, insightful, and actionable presentation, workforce expert and bestselling author Eric Termuende shares insights gleaned from his years of research into how to build a better workforce – one that includes all generations, perspectives, and experiences. After studying the topic for years and surveying tens of thousands of people, Eric knows exactly what it takes to lead multigenerational teams. While the future of work may be unpredictable, one thing is certain: those who are able to build strong, multigenerational workplaces will have the advantage. 


What audiences come away with: 

  • Actionable ways to improve engagement and alignment across all generations in the workplace 
  • Strategies for leading different generations 
  • An understanding of the role of company purpose, and why it is secondary to workplace experience 
  • Knowledge of the differences and similarities across generations as employees and teammates 
  • The skills needed to promote idea-sharing, creativity, and inclusivity across generations 

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