Ethan Pierse

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A sought-after MC and moderator as well as a prolific keynote speaker, Ethan currently educates and inspires audiences on the Web3 Economy (NFTs, DAOs, Social Tokens, the Decentralized Creator Economy) and the larger Tokenized Securities discussion in the Blockchain Economy. His French Tech News and upcoming European Tech-focused media interview Europe’s leading tech entrepreneurs and investors to tell the important stories of Europe’s innovation ecosystems. He speaks on all of his subjects in both English and French. 


Ethan is the host of The Web3 Economy News, French Tech News, and Startup Stories with Scaleway podcasts and media. He is the Founder of Borderless Ventures, Creator of the $ETHAN social token on, and Director of The CryptoAssets Institute. Ethan connects and enables cross-border startup investment and business development between the US, France, Central, and Eastern Europe, and Southeast Asia, and advises administrations, corporations, and investment funds on CryptoAssets and the Blockchain/Web3 Economy. 


You can check out my introduction video below. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or requests.

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Virtual In-Person

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