Galit Ventura-Rozen

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As a globally recognized public speaker that has spoken all over Canada and the United States in person and virtually all over the world.  Galit is a paid speaker on topics such as mindset, effective communication, leadership and business. Galit understands that to be a person of influence is meaningless - unless the recognition is used as a means of helping others.  


As a commercial real estate broker, she owns and operates Commercial Professionals, where she has sold over $700 million in commercial property in Las Vegas over the past 25+ years.  After enjoying a very lucrative career as a real estate expert, she began to experience sleepless nights with racing thoughts. As a then working mother of three, she wanted to help women, and so returned to college at the age of 38.  In 2016, she earned a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Northcentral University and graduated with honors.


From there, she began a one-woman mission to empower, inspire and motivate others to believe in themselves.  Whether by using lessons from her book, The Successful Woman’s Mindset, offering innovative strategies for HR as a corporate trainer, or raising the productivity of others as an executive coach - her passion and energy are almost palpable.  What sets her shoulders above the rest is her unwavering belief in others, and her insistence that the possibilities at success are limitless when we get out of our own way. 


Her success did not go unnoticed -she has received many awards and am globally known and respected for her work with charities and non-profits.  She most recently received the 2023 Woman of Impact Honoree from The Shade Tree.  She has also received the TMG Entertainment Silver State Award for Entrepreneur of the Year, National Association of Women Business Owners – Woman of Distinction Award for Professional Services, was named Infinity Business Magazine’s Top 5 Female Professionals You Should Know,  Real Vegas Magazine Top 100 Women, the TMG Entertainment Silver State Award for Best of the Best Local Motivational Speaker/Coach, Hero of Change from Amare’ Magazine and Nevada Woman’s Chamber of Commerce honoree for the Athena Award in Leadership.


She have graced the covers of Magazines; Top 100 Real Estate Agent, Success Pitchers, Real Vegas, Women in Biz UK, Exeleon, Las Vegas Woman Magazine and more.


She has also been inducted into the Nevada Women’s Chamber of Commerce Leadership Hall of Fame, and was named an Unsung Hero by Las Vegas Sun.  She volunteers her time and plans multiple events for the women and children of The Shade Tree Woman’s shelter every year.  She is a board member for The Collaboration Center ( for disabilities such as autism and down syndrome),  She sits on the development committee for The Shade Tree and on the Board of The Commercial Real Estate women as programs director.


As a sought-after internationally recognized public speaker, she has appeared on ABC, NBC and Fox as an expert on mindset, leadership, and business.  She brings her significant talents to corporations to train employees recently promoted from within on leadership, effective communication, and the importance of cultivating a successful mindset.  She created The Speakers Method which shows entrepreneurs how to use their area of expertise to promote their business and/or become professional paid speakers. 


She is a past president of Commercial Real Estate Women, Women of Global Change – Las Vegas.


She works tirelessly to make a difference in the lives of others, both in her community and throughout the world.  The lifelong entrepreneur's message is a simple and straightforward one - armed with the right tools and mindset, the possibilities are limitless.


She started a new business, Everyday Woman, with her business partner Angela Giles in 2020 during the beginning of the pandemic. 


Everyday Woman was born to support women professionals and entrepreneurs.  Galit and her business partner started a Facebook group and have added hundreds of free videos sharing with women how to be more visible and get more clients through social media, becoming authors, marketing, branding, networking and more.  This community has grown to over 16,000 women and continues to grow each day. 


Today she is co-founder Everyday Woman TV which gives women a place to have their own show on 19 online platforms.

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  • What is your favorite quote? z'What Matters is that we should achieve what we set out to do" Indira Gandhi
  • Are there any moments that stand out as having a significant impact on your career? As I graduated college with my degree in business and my friends were looking for jobs, I knew I wanted to start my own business
  • Outside of your profession do you have any hobbies/interests? Travel, Watching Concerts, Nature walks
  • Who do you look up to as a mentor and why? I look up to every person in this country that has faced their fears and made a different choice today to change their life or circumstances to positive.
  • Is there anything else we should know about you? Everything I talk about or teach is from passion. Everything I share is my experiences through my own businesses