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George Randle is an experienced talent executive, veteran, coach, and leader known for selecting, building, and reorganizing teams to reach their full business potential. George has 20+ years of Fortune 100 and Fortune 1000 global Human Resources and Talent Acquisition experience building and coaching elite teams.


George began his professional life by enlisting in the US Army Reserves. While serving in the USAR, he received his bachelor’s degree from Missouri State University and was commissioned as an officer. His career assignments included Berlin, US CENTCOM, and III Corps with deployments to Africa (Somalia and Kenya), Central America, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.


Following his successful military career, George transitioned to the corporate world, experiencing many of the same challenges Veterans face today. These challenges, along with the recognition that building elite teams are his true passion, George ultimately transitioned to the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition functions serving the last 10+ years as a global HR executive and leader. Over the course of his time as an executive, the teams George has built and led have hired over 85,000 professionals, including over 2000 executives. He is also known for his decades of work supporting veterans and their transitions, ultimately creating one of the largest and most successful Veteran Hiring Programs for a Global Fortune 50 firm. 


George is also a Hogan (HPI, HDS, and MVPI) Leadership Assessment Certified coach, helping many executives take their leadership to the next level. He is also co-author of the best-selling book, The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Organizations Win on Talent, and co-host of The Talent War Podcast.

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Talent War: The Science of Acquiring the Elite Talent


Based on the best-selling book, The Talent War: How Special Operations and Great Companies Win on Talent.


From his time serving as an Army Officer to his 20+ years in Talent, hiring over 80,000 high-performers as a Managing Partner at EF Overwatch and The Talent War Group, George has distilled finding elite talent down to a science. In his best-selling book, Talent Wars, he teams up with former US Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille to explain how you can recruit and grow the best talent like a Special Ops team. This new, potential-based method of hiring throws skill-seeking out the window and focuses on:


- Predictive attributes to look for in a candidate

- Who should be interviewing your candidate: A-players will find other A-players

- How to structure an interview to bring out telling signs in a candidate

- ...and much more. Let George rewire the way you hire and help you build an elite team that can stand up to any challenge. 


How to Lead in the 21st Century 


As a leader, how do you prepare for the unforeseen? It’s impossible to find solutions or map out financial plans for problems no one can predict. However, there is a way to be certain your team can withstand unexpected crises. 


With over 20 years of experience hiring more than 80,000 elite applicants, as well as serving as a Managing Partner at EF Overwatch and The Talent War Group, George knows how to create resilient teams. In his talk, Geroge guides leaders to their full potential by showing them how to build a team based on character and invest in human capital as heavily as they invest in financial capital. Leaders are only as strong as their team, and George will help you become a great leader to an elite team. 


Build a High-Performing Team


Every high-performing team is made up of elite individuals. Each person you bring onto your team becomes a building block for the success of the company. So, how can you be sure each member of your team is a high performer? 


George has spent over 20 years working in the Talent industry and studying unparalleled talent as a Managing Partner at EF Overwatch and The Talent War Group and knows exactly what distinguishes these types of candidates. Drive, resiliency, and integrity are all predictors for success, and Geroge will help you uncover these within your talent pool. 


Plan Your HR Strategy to Win the Talent War


To not only compete but win the never-ending war for talent in the corporate world you must change your mindset and evolve your strategy. From his time serving as a US Army Officer to his 20+ years in Talent, hiring over 80,000 high-performers, George knows how to assess, select, and develop world-class talent. 


Building a company strategy that focuses on PEOPLE as your biggest competitive advantage and adopting a talent mindset are your greatest weapons in winning the war for elite talent. Let George explain how to transform your HR strategy to reach the top of your industry.  

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