Glenn Akramoff

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Glenn Akramoff is the founder and CEO of Akramoff LLC. His expertise is rehabilitating and revitalizing municipal government workplaces and has developed a program that will improve any organization by returning humanity to the center of focus. Glenn’s life experiences and core values are the center of his purpose. Having worked from seasonal maintenance to City Manager and now consultant and business owner over a 30-year career, he’s observed a connection between fulfillment at work and happiness at home. He has an intense desire to improve the lives of everyone he works with. Glenn creates environments that are innovative, inclusive, growing, and rich in communication and respect. His Human Centered program empowers teams and leaders to overcome and succeed together.


Areas of Impact:


  • The "Tangibles": Contracts, Hiring, Public Works, Parks, Maintenance, Regulation, Process, Structure, Logistics

  • The "I" in Team: Successful teams have successful individuals, in healthy cycles.

  • Team Building: Greatness is never attained alone. 

  • Leadership: The responsibility and joy of being "You", the leader.

  • Revitalizing the Workplace: Finding passion and inspiring the desire to stretch

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Virtual In-Person

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