Glodean Champion

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Glodean is a 2x TEDx Speaker and Keynote Speaker who pulls from her mother's influence — her first authentic leader – to create stories about life, leadership, and acceptance that connect with people. She is a master storyteller whose thought-provoking ideas about "difference" force people to re-examine and often shift their perspectives and belief systems. Her approach to everything she does is with honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability and the intent to leave people better than she found them.


With over 20 years of experience as a Lean Six Sigma leader, DEI disrupter, and master educator, Glodean specializes in continuous improvement: of self, in leaders, teams, processes, and organizations. She is a Six Sigma Black Belt with certifications in Laser Coaching, Extreme Leadership, DEI Leadership, DEI Strategies, and Leadership Development.


After 15+ years of leading or participating in DEI initiatives, she realized most of them failed because they weren’t designed to be operationalized into the DNA of the organization with measures and KPIs for continuous improvement. Instead, they unintentionally created shame, blame, and anger. They also missed the opportunity to improve communication, embrace accountability, and inspire self-awareness - the root causes of most failed business initiatives. This led Glodean to develop her groundbreaking Kaizen Your Culture organizational program and Lean into Love keynotes, which integrate Lean Six Sigma and DEI principles and methodologies built upon a L.O.V.E. framework: Listen with the intent to learn, Open-mindedly with Vulnerability and Empathy. 



●  Deliver thought-provoking, inspiring, and engaging keynote speeches.

●  Teach and implement Kaizen Your Culture and Lean into Love to operationalize DEI and continuous improvement.

●  Inspire and increase innovation, productivity, and employee retention and engagement.

●  Provide transformational leadership development, communication, DEI, and wellness/self-love coaching and workshops.

●  Work with new and emerging leaders and teams as a Coach & Team-building Facilitator.


Glodean is also the celebrated author of the award-winning coming-of-age novel Salmon Croquettes. She loves her Tibetan Terrier, Tashi, her weighted blanket, breakfast for dinner, and Self-love Sunday, her favorite day of the week.

Speaking Topics

Self-Love and Leadership

In her transformative keynote speech, Self-Love and Leadership, Glodean empowers attendees to embrace the concept of self-love and how to become the CEO of their lives. She believes these are the cornerstone of personal and professional growth and success. She explores the power of self-compassion and the pivotal role it plays in nurturing our mental and emotional well-being and will guide participants on who they want to be in the world, where they need to grow and change, and how to take charge of their decisions and steer their paths with confidence and clarity.

The Transformative Power of Storytelling

Listening to Glodean Champion's talks on storytelling is like receiving a masterclass in the art of human connection, all while feeling like you're at a lively, laughter-filled gathering. Her words carry the weight of profound wisdom, yet they’re delivered with a lightness and humor that make even the toughest life lessons feel like a cozy chat with an old friend. Glodean doesn't just tell stories; she brings them to life, sprinkling in wit and charm that keep her audience hanging on every word and chuckling along the way. Her vibrant anecdotes and hilarious insights turn the act of storytelling into an exhilarating adventure, inspiring everyone to unleash their own narrative superpowers. With Glodean, you don't just learn about storytelling; you live it, laugh through it, and leave feeling ready to pen the next great epic of your own life.

StorySync for Teams

Glodean keynote speech introducing her StorySync program for Teams is an electrifying experience that blends inspiration, innovation, and humor. As she steps onto the stage, her charismatic presence immediately captures the audience's attention. With a compelling blend of personal anecdotes and cutting-edge insights, she unfolds the essence of StorySync, a program designed to enhance team cohesion and communication through the power of storytelling. Glodean vividly illustrates how stories can bridge gaps, foster empathy, and create a more connected, productive work environment. Her dynamic delivery, peppered with witty observations and relatable examples, makes the concept of StorySync not only accessible but also exciting. By the end of her speech, attendees are not just convinced of the program's value; they are eager to implement its principles, energized by Glodean's infectious enthusiasm and clear vision for a more collaborative future.

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