Greg Vogt

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Greg Vogt is an author and Professional Mental Health Speaker. He speaks with Active Minds, the nation's premier mental health nonprofit supporting young adults. Greg works full-time as a Director of Clinical Outreach for Charlie Health, a mental health Virtual Intensive Outpatient Program for teens and young adults.  


Greg graduated from the University of Arizona in 2017 with degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. During his time as a student, he authored the book, "The Battle Against Yourself," a memoir about his mental health journey overcoming depression, suicide attempts, and a year-long stay at a residential treatment center. 


Since publishing his story, Greg's mission has expanded to schools, universities, and workplaces across the country. His advocacy work has led to being a Board Member for the Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance for the state of California. Through speaking, his goal is to normalize the mental health conversation, assure listeners that they are not alone, and create a culture of hope and empathy. 

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