Henry Balzani

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Henry Balzani is an author, holistic health and nutrition coach, and a retired pharamacist and OB-GYN.  As a pharmacist, he worked in retail, hospital and jail pharmacies, working directly with addicts and anwering a hotline.  He has given lectures on various topics including substance abuse to grammer, high school, and college students.


After his residency, he successfully opened a successful Private OB-GYN practice.  As a Physician he has worked in teen OB and maternal infant child clinics, counseling patients about sexuality, STD's, and substance abuse.


In 1985, he became Medical Director of the Arts Drug and Rehabilitation Center in Beth Israel Hospital, Passaic.  There they detoxed and treated over 50,000 patients during his stay.


Functional Mediciine has helped him realize the mind-body connection in both addiction and nutrition & wellness.  This pushed him to speak to church, community, and senior groups about health & wellness, as well as late onset substance abuse.


Presently, he works with Substance Abuse Allianced and Coalitions in Bergen & Passaic County, and lectures about substances of abuse.  His focus is the neurobiology of addiction, nutrition, and root cause of addictions (ACEs) and early preventative education for parents and educators.  He is also working with OB-GYN residents to improve wellness, resilience, and how to function under stress.

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