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Henry Coutinho-Mason is obsessed with answering the biggest question in business: "what will people want next?"


Henry is one of the world’s leading authorities on consumer trends, having spent a decade as the managing director of TrendWatching. He is the author of Trend-Driven Innovation, which lays out a simple, accessible approach to anticipating customer expectations. It forms the basis of TrendWatching’s research, content & product that is used by 100,000 B2C professionals at hundreds of the world’s leading brands.


Henry’s latest book, Future Normal: How We Will, Work, and Thrive In The Next Decade, is a handbook for visionaries featuring the thirty biggest ideas and instigators that will shape humanity’s next decade. It was launched at SXSW in March 2023.


As a speaker, Henry has given more than 100 inspiring and actionable keynotes & workshops in 30+ countries– with multiple repeat bookings from global leadership teams at J&J, Calvin Klein, Mastercard, the Tata Group, and many more. He is also a guest lecturer at HEC business school in Paris.


Based in London, his work with clients is on consumer trends & innovation strategy, typically around“The Future of X '' (retail, work, digital, cities, travel, etc). Henry has been quoted as a trend expert in The Guardian, the FT, HBR, AdMap, The New YorkTimes, and The Economist, and has appeared on television networks such as CNBC, the BBC andBrazil's Globo News


Fun fact: he was also included in GQ's Most Connected Men in Britain list for 2016.


As co-founder of 3Space, Henry is also an award-winning social entrepreneur. With its innovative solution to generating social value from empty commercial property, 3Space was commended in FastCompany's World Changing Ideas and won the European section of the FT/Citi Urban Ingenuity Awards.


Speaking Topics-


Trends: The Future Normal: Key Emerging Trends in X (Travel, Retail, Financial Services, RealEstate, Sustainability & Purpose, Customer Experience, and more)

Henry’s signature talk is a fast-paced dive into the key trends that will present innovation opportunities for your audience in the near future. The current versions of this keynote draw from Henry’s new book, The Future Normal (written with 3-time WSJ bestselling author Rohit Bhargava and released in early 2023) While the title might have remained a constant during his 10-year stint as CEO of TrendWatching, every session is unique thanks to Henry’s ability to bring in the newest and most insightful local and industry-specific case studies. One event organizer who booked Henry to speak to 2,000 senior executives from a Fortune 500 company in Las Vegas described his keynote as “inspiring, energetic, and entertaining”–three words that are regularly reported on his feedback forms.


Audiences love Henry’s:

  • Uniquely global and cross-category perspective and insight.

  • Clarity and structure of the presentation–to connect what’s happening today with what it means for tomorrow.

  • Ability to show examples that lie outside of their day-to-day yet are always highly relevant.

  • Irreverent and accessible style.


People leave with:

  • A notebook full of innovative ideas! Inspired by relevant, real-world innovation case studies to use with their teams or clients.

  • Actionable insights into how those innovations will change what their customers will want next.

  • Empowered to become a trend spotters themselves


Beyond the Hype: How to Think About–And Thrive In!–The AI Era

This year it’s AI. Last year it was the metaverse, web3, and crypto. Before that, it was social media and mobile. For over a decade, Henry’s talks on how to think about new and fast-moving technologies have been enthusiastically received by executive audiences. Henry’s approach is a deceptively simple one–don’t only focus on what’s changing; instead, identify what won't change for your customers. What are the basic human needs and wants that your customers will still look to your organization to cater to a decade from now? So instead of talking solely about novel technologies themselves, Henry talks about the underlying relevant basic human needs they speak to. Generative AI and convenience, empowerment, and creativity; Web3 and community and ownership; the metaverse and identity and status. This deeply human-centric view of technology might seem obvious, but Henry’s talks present a view of the world that is both fresh and compelling. More importantly, it’s an accessible and practical approach that audiences can take back into their organizations in order to think strategically about the long-term implications and opportunities that technologies like AI, Web3, and the metaverse will present.


Audiences love Henry’s:

  • Ability to cut through the BS! And show how to connect what’s happening today with a longer-term roadmap for their organization.

  • Fresh perspectives on well-known topics–both the focus on basic human needs and the relevant innovation case studies.

  • Down-to-earth and accessible style that engages the audience as equals.


People leave:

  • Feeling empowered and inspired, rather than nervous!

  • With a clear strategic framework to use with their teams.

  • Armed with current best practices (and some entertaining stories about the most niche use cases, too!)


Innovation Mindset: Trend-Driven Innovation: How To Look To Other Industries and MarketsTo Anticipate–And Stay Ahead Of!–Your Customers’ Future Expectations

The conventional ways of knowing what your customers will want next (such as using ever bigger datasets for qualitative research) are barely fit for purpose in a world that is ever more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous. This terrifies most executives, but there's a silver lining. It is possible to understand the direction of future trends and the opportunities they present, by looking at the very disruptive startups and game-changing innovations that create such volatility. How are these new innovations changing customer expectations? And how can you get ahead of your competitors by catering to those new expectations? Based on Henry’s first bookTrend-Driven Innovation, this talk unpacks the theory of how to become not just a trendspotter, but a trend-doer. And while this theory forms the basis of TrendWatching’s research, content & products which are used by 100,000 B2C professionals at hundreds of the world's leading brands, this is miles away from being a dry, data-driven speech. Instead, Henry brings in a unique and entertaining mix of global innovation examples to show exactly how the audience can spot what’s coming next.


Audiences love Henry’s:

  • Focus on basic human needs as a strategic imperative.

  • Integration of real-world innovations, to bring the theory to life.

  • Down-to-earth style that is accessible and highly practical.


People leave with:

  • A new way of seeing the world!

  • Tips and tricks on how to embed a culture of trend-driven innovation in your organization


Building A Future-Proofed AI Strategy: An Executive’s Guide to Navigating Rapid Change Format: Masterclass (available in-person, hybrid, or remote).


Generative AI is the biggest paradigm shift for a generation. Every company needs to have a clear and coherent strategy towards generative AI, or face being left behind. The big challenge is that no one knows where AI is headed (not even the people creating it!). However, as the former Managing Director of TrendWatching, the world-renowned global consumer trend firm, Henry has spent 10+ years helping clients understand, anticipate and act on fast-moving emerging technology trends, from the metaverse and Web3 right back to mobile and social technologies. In this strategy masterclass, Henry shares a human-centric view of technology that will ensure you build an AI strategy that will remain relevant long into the future. And While some strategy sessions can be heavy on theory and light on tangible utility, Henry’s use of real-world examples means this workshop is inspirational and immediately actionable.


Audiences love Henry’s:

  • Compelling reframing of the AI conversation:to put people and their needs ahead of technological innovation.

  • Real-world case studies of AI use cases–tailored to your industry and customers.

  • Future-focused insights, delivered in a highly accessible way.


People leave with:

  • Alignment around a strategic framework to use with their teams.

  • A clear view of where and why you can successfully apply AI.

  • A sense of empowerment and opportunity, rather than fear!Note: this session can also be extended to include a ChatGPT-powered Innovation Workshop and/or hands-on training sessions with leading practitioners where you will build real prototype AI solutions.

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