Hillary Seiler

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Hillary Seiler is a Certified Financial Educator (CFEd®) and coach, who teaches people how to win with their money. She is the founder of Financial Footwork, a financial education platform that coaches people through overcoming the stress and failures that stem from limited to no financial education. Using the athlete mindset, her program translates the strategy of winning at sports, to winning with money. With hundreds of professional athletes in the NFL, NCAA, & NHLAA along with business executives and individuals helped through her program, Hillary Seiler is always looking to make an impact. The Financial Footwork program was born from Hillary’s seven-year heartbreak of watching her family struggle emotionally and financially through her mother’s terminal illness. Her perspective of what happens when life hits–and thousands of dollars in medical bills, years of lost wages, and family stress brought on by financial strain, come to a head–fostering her mission to help others understand and establish financial stability. Hillary Seiler is a professional speaker and author of two books on financial training and development. She has a current YouTube segment, Convos with Coach Hill, approaching its second season where she interviews NFL players on money, life, and the game. Her powerful storytelling techniques and real-life experiences lend to an engaging and educational platform for every individual to win with their money.

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