Ian Beacraft

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"I got more value from listening to Ian for one hour than three lunches with Gary Vee."  -  Fortune 500 CEO

"Engaging Ian is like bringing a tactical nuclear weapon to a knife fight." - Rethink Retail



Considered one of the top voices in emerging technologies today, Ian Beacraft is a trusted advisor to the world's most innovative companies. The founder and chief futurist of Signal and Cipher, Ian leads a strategic foresight agency that guides companies through the rapidly changing technology landscape and finds meaningful routes to innovation that impact the bottom line, inspire cultural change, and create new products and services.  


Previously responsible for P&Ls and innovation departments at the largest agencies in the world, Ian is known for making bleeding-edge technology understandable and monetizable. Brands he has advised over the last decade include Nike, Samsung, Intel, Coca-Cola, Google, Microsoft, and dozens more.


As an international speaker, Ian has pioneered a digitally immersive presentation style that brings his subject to life so audiences can understand the future of technology in actionable ways. For four consecutive years, he has spoken at SXSW on the intersection of technology and culture; additional keynote engagements include Masters and Robots, Febraban Brazil, CES, Immersed Global Summit, and dozens more. Ian is also the co-owner of a production studio designing virtual worlds and is the first person to ever host a globally syndicated news segment as a synthetic human.




  • Artificial Intelligence: AI is transforming every role within your organization and giving everyone superpowers. We are now entering the Age of the Creative Generalist. Learn how your organization can tap the exponential impact of developing "armies of one"
  • Corporate Innovation: Learn how the most innovative companies in the world create systems to see the signals of change and place smart bets on where and how to innovate their way to more robust business models and blockbuster products.
  • Web3 and Blockchain: Learn how the infrastructure of the next web will change the way you do business, develop IP, create new lines of revenue, and build thriving communities worldwide. 
  • Foundations of the Metaverse: It was runner-up for word of the year in 2022, but few people understand what it is. Unpack the transformational power of immersive media and extended reality for industrial and consumer use cases in one of the most immersive presentations in the world that brings the pillars of the metaverse to life.


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