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Ian Khan, “The Futurist” is a multifaceted leadership expert, storyteller and creative mind. Ian recently founded AIRI™ the AI Readiness Initiative, aimed at helping organizations measure their current state of readiness for a Artificial Intelligence driven world. Ian has also created the Future Readiness Score™, a KPI,  to scientifically measure how well an organization is ready to grow through unanticipated change. Ian’s work has been featured on CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, Fast Company.


Ian is an authority on emerging technologies including Web3, Metaverse Security and speaks about Digital Transformation, Algorithms, Robotics, Automation with ChatGPT and GenerativeAI as well as decentralization through Blockchain. As a world class storyteller Ian has also produced several critically acclaimed documentaries available on Prime Video, Emirates Airlines and leading streaming platforms. Ian is deeply vested in technology education, future readiness and advocacy for tech for good and other initiatives.


His latest book “Metaverse for Dummies” is the most comprehensive reference book to help readers of all levels understand the Metaverse. Khan has also produced a series of compelling technology documentaries available on PrimeVideo, Emirates Airlines, Tubi and other platforms. His new truth seeking docu series “The Futurist” is an investigative and storytelling series to help key


Speaking Topics - 


  1. Artificial Intelligence – The Next Frontier – What are the possibilities of artificial intelligence replacing humans, creating unprecedented automation and augmenting humanity ?
  2. Blockchain – The Rise of Cities of the Future – The state of Blockchain and the rise of distributed ledger technology to change the nature of trust
  3. The Bitcoin Dilemma – The Past, Present & Future of Cryptocurrencies
  4. The Future of Work Debunked – All about the remote work economy, digital nomads, the great resignation and the future of work realities
  5. The Internet of You – Why the future of business relies on humanity & not technology
  6. The Great Resignation & the Rise of Human Super productivity – The emerging worker movement to reclaim super productivity & longevity
  7. The Hero’s Journey at Everyday Work – Learn what makes people hero’s and why more of us need to embrace the idea that we are one
  8. Transforming Your Business Mindset – The rise of the digital nomad and other phenomenon keeping business on 24×7
  9. Leading Gen Z & Newer Generations – The new strategy to balance generational gaps at work 
  10. Why Leaders Fail – 7 lessons on why leaders fail and what you can do today to spin that around
  11. Space; The New Frontier – New Breakthroughs powering the race to dominate space
  12. The Creator Economy Wave – The emergence of the Creator Economy & How Individual Creators will Change the Future
  13. Digital Domino Effect – Predicting the future of a digitally driven world
  14. The Convergence Trifecta – How Blockchain, IoT & AI will Change the Future of Business
  15. Moonshots – From disruption to innovation, How to Moonshot into Winning
  16. Retrust – Recreating Trust in a paranoid World
  17. The Smart City Phenomenon – The Evolution of Data Driven Intelligent Cities & the Future of Urbanization
  18. The Distributed ledger Economy – How Blockchain promises to Change the World
  19. The Blind Side of Trust – Ensuring Data Privacy in the Age of Big Tech Domination
  20. The Amazon Effect – How small business can learn from big business
  21. The Inverted Impact Triangle – The Upside-Down Model for Influence in the Age of Data
  22. Technology Trends for 2022 – learn about massive disruptive forces at work in 2022
  23. Hackers Delight – How is Cryptocurrency Helping Hackers Become More Impactful
  24. The Dark Web Opportunity – Building Business in the Dark Web
  25. Deep Web Exploration – Mining Data Intelligence from the Deep Web – A primer for businesses
  26. Foresight & Future Predictions 2030 – Learn about the state of the world by 2030
  27. Microbiome Wars – The Race to Create the Next healthcare breakthrough
  28. The Future is You – The Rise of Human creativity, individual authority positioning & the transfer of value
  29. Is the Future Non Fungible ? – The rise of the Non Fungible Token Economy
  30. The Promise of the Metaverse – The upcoming surge of everything meta

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