Isabel Garro

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Isabel Garro is an atypical economist. After graduating in Business Administration and Management, she soon realized that theory was far removed from the realities of the working world. With an insatiable thirst for knowledge and driven by her relentless curiosity and her desire to reinvent the business world, she ventured into the field of sustainability when it was still an unknown concept to most.


Her professional career is as diverse as it is exciting. She has worked in the three pillars of the economy: the public sector, the private sector, and civil society holding high-level positions in the Government of Spain and the United Nations' leading sustainability initiative. She currently works as Chief Sustainability Officer for Votorantim Cimentos.


She is a renowned expert in sustainable development. Her extensive experience in this field has led her to co-lead Spain's commitments in this area, from the forefront of the main competent bodies, such as Special Advisor to the High Commissioner for the 2030 Agenda in the Presidency of the Government of Spain, or as the general director of the Spanish Network of the United Nations Global Compact for 14 years.


As one of the nation's leading specialists on the 2030 Agenda, Isabel has held top-level responsibilities as the Spanish representative in this area before the Council of the European Union. Additionally, she has chaired the Local Networks Advisory Group of the UN Global Compact and has been a member of the Advisory Committee of Transparency International Spain and the Ethics Council of Auchan Spain.


Speaking Topics - 


The Best-Kept Secret


Isabel's lectures are structured around scientific knowledge developed by international organizations and scientists from around the world. They explain that the world, as we know it, is about to disappear. If we search the term "Climate Change" on Google, in 0.36 seconds we will get about 122 million results. However, among those millions of results, it seems that everyone has forgotten to mention a small detail. Do you want to know what is the best-kept secret in the world?


The 2030 Agenda: 17 Opportunities for Business


Discover how the 2030 Agenda can boost your business and build a better future for everyone. In this lecture, we will explore:

  • The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): A roadmap for a more sustainable and inclusive future.
  • Key insights for the business sector: How the SDGs can create value for your company and contribute to a better world.
  • Competitive advantages: How the 2030 Agenda helps you differentiate in the market and attract committed customers and talent.
  • Opportunities for your business: Success stories and strategies to make the most of the opportunities offered by the 2030 Agenda.


Is Your Company Ready to Surf the Tsunami?


The world changes at a dizzying pace. Economic, climate, social crises... A tsunami of challenges is approaching. Is your company prepared to surf it, or will it be swallowed by the wave? In this vibrant and practical lecture, we will give you the keys to turning your business into an oasis of antifragility. We will start the journey by detailing the characteristics of the main risks facing companies today in terms of ESG, and then develop systems of adaptation and anticipation that allow us to develop competitive advantages for our business.


But what the heck is ESG? A new dance move?


Have you heard of the ESG acronym? If not, you're missing out on the most important dance of the moment! In this laid-back and revealing lecture, we will guide you on an evolutionary journey through the most relevant acronyms in the field of sustainability, from old school to the latest trends.


Join us to discover:

  • The Ancestors of ESG: A historical review of the acronyms that laid the foundations of sustainability.
  • The birth of ESG: What does ESG mean? Where does it come from? Why is it so important?
  • The keys to the ESG dance: The three pillars (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and how they interconnect.
  • The trendiest steps: The latest trends in ESG and how they can benefit you.
  • The future of the dance: Where is corporate sustainability headed?

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