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Need to get your people energized, engaged and enchanted like never before? Call Izabela NOW!


Drawing on her tremendous experience in global business consulting and advising and an incredibly personal story sprinkled with miracles, Izabela brings her immense knowledge to stages worldwide. She delivers an impactful and memorable presentation designed to reconnect through inner strength, resiliency, and power on the path From Fear To Greatness.


Izabela has delivered keynotes and/or served as master of ceremonies at a wide range of virtual and in-person global events in her career, ranging from Stop Children Trafficking at Mile High Stadium, Peace Jam with Nobel Laureate Dalai Lama at the University of Denver to the Democratic National Convention and Exhibit Darfur by addressing the situation in Darfur, Sudan.

She has also delivered hundreds of presentations at conferences, colleges, universities, schools, and various associations in the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia, and the Middle East.


Izabela hosts the "Legacy Leaders Show with Izabela Lundberg," a top-rated global business, leadership and entrepreneurship podcast offering real and raw business, sports, and life lessons with practical advice for current and upcoming leaders. In addition, Izabela has appeared on a wide range of podcasts and syndicated radio programs worldwide with her inspirational and transformational message.



In her #1 International Bestselling Book, The World Messenger: From Fear To Greatness: Business, Sports & Life Lessons Izabela takes us on a journey from facing fears, difficulties, or adversities to tapping into the power of inner strength, resilience, and courage on the path to greatness. Her book and its practical applications are recognized in business, academic, and philanthropic circles.

Izabela is a Forbes Contributing Writer focused on Leadership and a Forbes Coaches Council Member concentrating on the most effective executive coaching methods in times of tremendous adversity, change, and disruption. She is recognized as a LinkedIn Influencer and one of the "Top 50 Most Impactful People On LinkedIn," including Shark Tank's Daymond John, His Excellency Tomasz Zaleski, and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk.



Izabela is the Executive Producer of the Award-Winning Feature Film "Hope For The Holiday," starring Robert LaSardo, Doug Hutchison, George Stults, Sally Kirkland, and Todd Bridges.


In addition, Izabela produced the "CEO Master Class," focusing on advice and knowledge from top CEOs worldwide.


Izabela's Popular Keynotes:




This program is perfect for:

  • Middle Management to C-Suite Executives 

The audience will leave with the following:

  • Critical Elements Of Champion Culture 
  • Clarity Of Root Cause Issues Of Great Resignation
  • Decision-Making Roadmap To Accelerate People, Performance & Profits 

If you are looking for a practical path forward in solving the root cause of the Great Resignation, this keynote and workshop session is for you and your leadership team. Antidote for Great Resignation is not Restructuring - It Is Reinvention! 




This program is perfect for:

  • Middle Management to C-Suite Executives
  • Talent & Teams 

The audience will leave with the following:

  • Learn how to engage your talent and teams regardless of size or personality.
    Discover what it takes to retain your talent and teams.
  • Reinvent your cultural sustainability and attract and retain the best talent.
    Determine the most critical actions for continued success.
  • A new cultural sustainability tracking system will triple your talent, team, and organizational productivity.

    Ready to take your current talent engagement and retention approaches through a cultural sustainability transformation? The future of work models is the driving force behind cultural sustainability and the deciding factor in talent attraction, engagement, and retention.

    You can triple your talent, team, and organizational productivity by creating your new cultural sustainability model.




This program is perfect for:

  • Talent & Teams 
  • Middle Management to C-Suite Executives

The audience will leave with the following:

  • How To Unlock Your Leadership & Legacy Within 
  • How To Inspire Greatness In Your Team & Organization 
  • How To Create A Lasting Legacy In Your Organization 

Today, legacy is greater than currency! It is measured based on the impact on your talent, teams, organization, and society beyond your product and/or services. To Unlock Organizational Legacy, you need to unlock your Leadership and Legacy within. Why? Leaders and Organizations that live and lead with their legacy are thriving and modeled after globally. Ready To Unlock the Legacy Of Your Organization?  




This program is perfect for:

  • Talent & Teams
  • Middle Management to C-Suite Executives  

The audience will leave with

  • New definition and understanding of courage and resiliency
  • A clear understanding of how to create a lasting impact 

Izabela is available for one-on-one and/or leadership team conversations before the presentation to ensure that your talent and team will receive the desired message and outcome.


Izabela has spoken in person and virtually at over 95 conferences and events worldwide.

Izabela Lundberg's Experiences

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Virtual In-Person

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  • What is your favorite quote? Be the change you want to see in the World! ~ Ghandi
  • Outside of your profession do you have any hobbies/interests? Hiking, Tennis, Travel, Art, Photography, Film Production, and anything fun!
  • Is there anything else we should know about you? I am Amazon's #1 International Bestselling Author, Forbes Magazine & Coaches Council Contributor, Polyglot, TEDx Speaker, Legacy Leaders Show/Podcast Host & Producer of Award-Winnig Film