Jack McGuiness

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Jack has 35 years of experience working with leadership teams at organizations big and small across multiple industries. After serving with the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division, he helped build a successful boutique management consulting firm where he served as COO for 13 years. Jack was also the CEO of a contract packaging company, where he developed a passion for unleashing the leadership capacity of teams throughout an organization.


This experience - leading a platoon at 22, learning how to be a management consultant from an amazing mentor, working together with him figure out how to build a unique firm, and running and ultimately winding down a packaging company - has provided him with an interesting perspective and a great deal of empathy for leaders trying to lead in today’s challenging times. His commitment is to help them become the leaders they need to be to build great leadership teams; ones that productively accelerate their organizations.


In 2009 Jack joined forces with Gil Brady, a West Point classmate to form Relationship Impact a consulting firm focused on working with CEOs to unleash the potential of their leadership teams. In 2022 he published an Amazon Bestseller called Building Great Leadership Teams: A Practical Approach for Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Leadership Team.


Speaking Topics


Building Great Leadership Teams Presentation


Today’s economic, political, and social climate makes it more difficult than ever for organizations to balance sustained performance with a healthy working environment. Organizations with great leadership teams are much more likely to maintain this important balance.


Building Great Leadership Teams serves as a practical resource for CEOs and their teams to create teams that are diligent, productively lean into tough but necessary discussions, keep their eyes on what is most important for the organization, and maintain curiosity and patience in the face of inevitable setbacks.


What you will learn:

·       Why leadership teams are so important.

·       How to create an effective and relevant structure.

·       How to build or rebuild a team’s relational dynamics.

·       The CEO’s role in building and maintaining a great leadership team.

·       How to measure leadership team effectiveness.


This presentation will help audience members recognize that organizations don’t have to live with average or dysfunctional leadership teams.

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