Jaeson Jones

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Drawing on his real-life first- hand accounts from over 25 years battling cartels, Jaeson Jones inspires audiences to view problems as “fixable” - regardless of size or scope. He motivates leaders to build teams through communication, collaboration, trust, and empowerment. As a front-line expert on leading through conflict and chaos, Jaeson teaches leaders to collaborate and communicate effectively despite borders, barriers, high stakes, and constant change. His mission is fueled by the core leadership belief that “if you can’t get the little things right, you’ll never get the big things right.” Jaeson has unparalleled experience building effective teams at the border and he captivates audiences with real-time frontline accounts of security issues. Jones exudes the optimism of a ‘man on a mission’ to “Servare Vitas” (to save lives) by fixing the growing cartel problem - arguably the biggest threat to homeland and global security.

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