James Beck is a relationship-building expert, Structural Integration Therapist, creator of Beck Balance Wellness Workshops, speaker, author, and founder of Give Beck, teaching people how to transform relationships through kindness and service to others.


James’ childhood was defined by an abusive father. In an attempt to remove the remaining PTSD and anxiety that lingered from childhood, James developed a way to use service as a means to create new neural pathways adjusting perspective and behavior.


James tested his theory in a nationwide, year-long, social experiment. He gave away his possessions and served one person or family in each state for three days, only asking that they Pay-It-Forward. By embracing the concept of giving so that others may give more, also known as 'Pay-It-Forward' -- James went from being riddled with anxiety to becoming the happiest and most fulfilled person he knows.


James teaches individuals and organizations how to use a service mindset to build, grow, maintain, and repair relationships resulting in a remarkable ripple effect. One which has the ability to not only change your life and those around you, but the lives of strangers you may never meet.


He demonstrates just how powerful one act of kindness, no matter how small, can change someone’s destiny, help you to overcome adversity, reduce anxiety and create a life of purpose and happiness. James inspires crowds of all ages and professions, customizing the message to the needs of your audience. In addition to his TEDx Talk, he has worked with schools, universities, military groups, at-risk youth groups, Caroline Myss’ personal development conference, Anti-Human Trafficking organizations, The National Charity League, The Wealth Counsel, the Navajo Nation, and Amare Global: The Mental Wellness Company. His project was featured on CBS, Fox News, and National Fox & Friends.

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