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Jamie MoCrazy grew up on the ski slopes. By the time she was 18 years old, she had won the Junior World Championships and moved to Utah to continue training as a professional slopestyle and halfpipe skier. When Jamie was 22, with her eyes on reaching the Olympics and her whole career ahead of her, she attempted to land a jump and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. Her life cartwheeled upside down in an instant. 


Jamie went from being one of the world’s best slopestyle skiers to relearning basic motor skills like walking up stairs and riding a bike. At the time of her crash, Jamie’s sister Jeanee started the hashtag #MoCrazyStrong, which connected supporters globally and developed into the creation of the nonprofit MoCrazy Strong Inc., 501c3 status awarded in September 2022. Jamie has recovered and rebuilt her high performance to achieve acclaim as a rising motivational speaker, and she also co-directed the award-winning short documentary #MoCrazyStrong that had its global premiere at Big Sky Documentary Film Festival on Saturday, February 25th and went on to 10 film festivals (so far) as well as screening on Capital Hill in Washington DC for brain injury advocacy. 


Speaking Topics (All are customizable based on event planner feedback)


Motivation | Overcoming Adversity


Is your company experiencing a merger or a change in leadership? Are you questioning how to minimize stress at the office, or how to rebuild your company's identity in a new market? How will you face the pressures life has confronted you with? Jamie had to learn how to rebuild her identity and high-performance skills after her accident and brain injury. Her presentation helps audiences develop personal and team resilience in the face of uncertainty. Along with her inspirational story, Jamie provides actionable takeaways the audience can apply to their own situations. 


Female Empowerment


In order to become the first woman in the world to double flip at X-Games, Jamie had to believe she could perform at her own personal best.  "Be your own personal best" is a mantra that Jamie's mom imparted to her at an early age. She was taught to never let society's expectations influence her dreams about what she could accomplish, and her dream of becoming a world-class skier came true through hard work and consistency. Jamie loves speaking to women's groups and will customize her presentation format and focus areas depending on the group's goals. 


TBI medicine and recovery


According to a study by Finkelstein and colleagues, the cost to society from traumatic brain injury is 76.5 billion dollars annually. Acquired brain injury is the second most prevalent disability in the US estimated at 13.5 million Americans. Brain injuries are frequently not identified and go untreated. Jamie gives a voice backed by science to the invisible struggles of TBI survivors, and shares her own six-step system for recovering from a TBI:


  1. Understand the invisible deficits from brain injury
  2. Learn how contemporary medicines all lead to the best result in recovery
  3. Set attainable goals to reach growth goals
  4. Think creatively and take unexpected paths to get to the destination
  5. Stay positive as language matters
  6. Climb an alternative peak


Past clients and peers applaud Jamie's dynamic and motivational speaking style, as well as her ability to connect with her audience. Since recovering from her accident, Jamie has spoken in front of audiences ranging from 20 to 1,000 people and presented at non-profit galas, business conventions, wellness conferences, and higher educational institutions all over the globe. 

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Jamie has a beautiful story that is still unfolding—a story about empowerment, and circum- venting life's challenges through the power of human perspective. Her project, Alternative Peaks, transcends the ski industry and has the ability to connect with all people as they stop to reflect on their own path throughout life. She is a gifted speaker with an amazing bubbly personality and is a perfect fit for the world of motivational speaking. The future sparkles with possibilities for Jamie and her path of sharing the Alternative Peaks message. I can't wait to see how it unfolds.

Matthew Garcia

Jamie is an extraordinary speaker. She sustained a severe brain injury and can boast the most extraordinary recovery which she credits to her family. She is paying her fortune forward and is now changing lives on the broadest possible platform. She is simultaneously informative, genuine, and vulnerable—the latter really makes her story about injury and rehabilitation come alive. Her brain and her skiing career are just two of a million remarkable things she has to offer.

Kimberly Gorgens

“Jamie had the daunting task of being the lead-off speaker in front of a crowd of 1000 people and she nailed it. She paced her talk well, engaged with the audience and peppered her presentation with a good dose of humor. The feedback from the crowd was awesome!”

Todd Lawson, Multiplicity - World Ski and Snowboard Festival

”Jamie is very dynamic and motivational. She helps people understand complex topics and traumatic situations in a lighthearted and clear manner”

Mypinder Sikon, VGH Intensive Care Physician.

“I have heard Jamie speak on several occasions, in front of large, and professional audiences. She presents her amazing story with poise, candor, and heartfelt fluency. She is passionate about the direction that her injury has taken her, and presents it in a way that is beautifully positive, but also is able to reflect the poignancy and reality of her recovery. Jamie is both an advocate for the injured athlete, and a proactive voice for the audience. I applaud her for being able to share her journey with others in such a meaningful way."

V. Hayden W. Hilke, MSR, PT, DPT Watershed Jackson, Org. Peak Physical Therapy

"I saw Jamie present as a guest lecture in my master's degree Occupational Therapy class. First of all, wow!! She is amazing!! She is such a wonderful motivational speaker, I was definitely getting the chills and learned a lot through her stories packed with wisdom that I can use with my patients to increase positive outcomes."

Ana-Karina Nguyen, OT student

“Jamie brought a real story and face to many of the strategies I teach my students on how to care for their patients. Jamie was very engaging and kept my students interested with little videos peppered throughout her presentation, this allowed her knowledge to be absorbed by my students.”

Dr. Jason, Tse MSOT Instructor
  • What is your favorite quote? Be your own personal best
  • Are there any moments that stand out as having a significant impact on your career? Two moments: 1) When I landed the double backflip at X-Games 2) Wen I crashed and went into a critical coma, and then survived
  • Outside of your profession do you have any hobbies/interests? I love anything active: hiking, yoga, pilates, bare class... and of course I still love skiing for fun. Some of my best days are skiing through the trees in the powder with my husband. I als