Janene Jonas

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Informed by her over 20 years of leadership experience as a Strategic Consultant and Senior Executive for leading global companies in the insurance, risk management, and healthcare industries, Janene Jonas founded RiskCreative to simplify the insurance selection process while expanding upon its benefits.


Jonas is an industry trailblazer. And as a Founding Member of the invitation-only membership network Punks & Pinstripes, she is one of 100 transformation executives driving change across sectors with the support of fellow C-Level disruptors.


Jonas is on a mission to progress traditional thinking and solutions through innovative thoughts and actions. Under Jonas’ leadership, RiskCreative is eliminating unnecessary complexities in the insurance industry by brokering unique partnerships that align global organizations and start-ups to elevate offerings, guiding clients to best-fit solutions, and educating the market on the importance of a prepared mindset.


Jonas prioritizes people over results. As an award-winning Consultant for Aon Inpoint, Senior Consultant for Liberty Mutual, and three-time award-winning leader for Cigna, Jonas served as a trusted partner to her clients and led teams to best support their unpredictable life experiences.


Inspired by her time as a caregiver to her maternal grandfather who battled with ALS, Jonas accelerates awareness and bolsters philanthropic solutions as an Executive Member of the Les Turner ALS Foundation Board of Directors and the Founder of Holla for ALS.


With educational experience at DePaul University in Business, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship and Kansas State University in Psychology, Jonas believes in the power of education, learning, and knowledge but sees an opportunity for alternatives to degrees and credits.


Jonas is pushing the boundaries of today to create better solutions for tomorrow. And as she works to set an example for her three children, she is leading the world toward better outcomes for all.


Speaking Topics - 


  • How to progress traditional structures and systems

  • Why complex decisions are best navigated together

  • How to unlock confidence in yourself and others

  • Why a prepared mindset is critical to well-being

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