Janine Driver

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Janine Driver is the founder and president of the Body Language Institute. For over a decade while at the ATF, Janine trained thousands of law enforcement officers to decipher fact from fiction using the body language interpretation methods she writes about in her books, You Can't Lie to Me and the New York Times Best-Seller, You Say More Than You Think. Janine travels the globe speaking to the corporate world about the fastest way to save time and grow business. Some of her most popular keynotes are the following: 


You Say More Than You Think: How to Use the New Body Language to Increase Sales, Build Clientele and Get What You Want: This funny, interactive keynote examines the sales challenges your group faces and shows how we can use the New Body Language as the catalyst to make more money in less time. Imagine tripling your bottom line simply by decoding the Belly-Button Rule and mastering the art of 7-Second Fixes. Don’t you deserve to know how to spot micro-expressions so you can overcome silent objections and reach the same levels of success as our clients such as Procter and Gamble, Dove Chocolate, and Coca-Cola?


The New Executive Presence: Become a Powerful Leader and Discover How to Read and Fix Any Situation in 5 Minutes or Less: This leadership program combines current scientific research with the New Body Language to steer the direction of your company down a path of increased profitability. You want your leaders and team moving in the same direction and this keynote provides easily implemented, proven solutions that your people can use right away.


You Can't Lie to Me: Janine Reveals the 5 Hidden HR Secrets to Separating Fact From Fiction That Your Employees & Job Applicants Pray You’ll Never Find Out: As a human resources professional, how much easier would your job be if you were able to decode who is being genuine and who is keeping something from you? Imagine the financial impact you’ll have when you’re able to quickly uncover the truth behind the resume, decode “He-Said SheSaid” cases with accuracy, decrease your company’s attrition rate, and ultimately save thousands of wasted training dollars.

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