Jayson Williams

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Jayson Williams is a survivor…born and raised on the streets of New York City’s Lower East Side, Jayson learned at an early age what street smarts and hard work were all about…Hard work was life’s only option as a way out. Tragedy struck early in Jayson’s career when he lost two sisters to the AIDS virus, and then a third sister, who was murdered by her husband. With school and D-1 basketball alone as a full-time job, Jayson adopted the children of his deceased siblings and raised them while attending St. John’s University. 


Despite the pressure and despair, his game flourished, and he became the top draft pick of the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA draft. Rather quickly, Jayson learned about life in the NBA and all the potential pitfalls that lurked… As a “free agent,” he signed a 6-year $90 million contract with the New Jersey Nets and became an All-Star, only to suffer a career-ending injury, during his initial season with the Nets. 


In spite of the setback, Jayson parlayed his sense of humor and larger-than-life personality and quickly became an analyst for the “NBA on NBC.” His life, however, came to a crashing halt when he was charged with aggravated manslaughter, for which he served a 27-month prison term. 


Upon his release, Jayson vowed to turn his life around and entered a facility for treatment for his own addictions. After, Jayson realized that something was missing for him via the traditional rehab therapy-sitting in a room, and talking, were only part of what was imperative. For Jayson, the missing component was “Adventure Therapy.” He believed that sobriety could be achieved by adding a regiment of “Extreme Sports” to one’s treatment…In a short time, The ‘Rebound” facility was born.


The “Rebound” facility much like its leader, has an ultimate goal of not only survival, but helping those in need prosper and thrive in society. There can’t be a better example of survival and, ultimately, redemption than Jayson Williams.

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