Jeannie Walters

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Jeannie Walters is an award-winning customer experience expert, international keynote speaker, and Founder of Experience Investigators, a firm that’s pioneered helping companies increase sales and customer retention through elevated customer experiences.


Trailblazing the movement from “Reactive Customer Service” to “Proactive Customer Experience,” Jeannie is considered the leading authority for improving both employee and customer relationships. A Certified Customer Experience Professional and charter member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, Jeannie’s worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies including Orangetheory Fitness, SAP, Comcast, and JPMorgan Chase.


As a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association, Jeannie has spoken to tens of thousands of people across three continents on the power of proactivity to increase brand loyalty.


A sought-after business coach and educator, Jeannie’s partnered with MarketingProfs as a Masterclass Instructor and has had over 400,000 people go through her courses on LinkedIn Learning.


Passionate about demystifying the process for improving customer experience, Jeannie has published thousands of articles, and her insights have been featured in Forbes, The Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal, and many more.



Speaking Topics - 


Creating A Proactive Customer Experience: How To Make Meaningful Moments Matter

Customers today seek personalized, proactive, and powerful experiences. They want to be seen, understood, and served in modern and convenient ways. Jeannie Walters CCXP, has worked with brands all over the world to develop and deliver positive, proactive, and meaningful experiences for customers and employees alike. 


How should you design customer journeys to speak to their concerns, answer their questions, and move your customers from “curious” to “converted”? Jeannie has defined customer experience in specific and actionable ways that lead to business results.


  • Customer experience is a MINDSET.

  • Customer experience is a STRATEGY.

  • Customer experience is a DISCIPLINE.


In this keynote presentation, audience members walk away with ideas to use immediately to take action and not just talk about customer experience. 


Who This Is For:

  • Business leaders who feel stuck in the status quo and want to instill customer loyalty

  • Organizations that want to get ahead of their competitors with better customer experience

  • Marketers who want to design awareness journeys to build trust and authority


Why You Should Attend:

  • To improve your existing customer experience through actionable, tangible efforts that lead to better business results

  • To focus on the future of what customers want today and tomorrow

  • To create a culture of customer-centricity



  • Define customer experience for YOUR organization - it’s more than just delivering great service!

  • Learn about specific tools available to anyone who is invested in creating better customer experiences

  • Become a positive change agent on behalf or your customers - regardless of your title


Three Universal Truths About Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) is so much more than fancy lingo and customer service: it stretches across every touchpoint in your customer’s journey. And that means leaders throughout the organization are being tasked with more aspects of CX all the time.


Vague directions from the top like “be customer-focused” or “deliver great experiences” do little to actually engage employees and deliver better experiences.


In this session you will discover three ways you - yes, YOU - can positively affect your customer’s journey, regardless of your role or your budget.


Who This Is For:

  • Business leaders who feel stuck in the status quo and want to instill customer loyalty


Why You Should Attend:

  • To create positive change around customer experience in your organization



  • Learn three universal truths about CX - and how you can lead according to them

  • Identify what data matters and why 

  • Start building coalitions with other leaders to deliver consistent, meaningful customer journeys


More than 500,000 online learners have learned from Jeannie Walters. Your audience will receive custom learning experiences and access to tools and insights from an award-winning global CX influencer.




How Micromoments Make A Big Impact In CX

Leaders are often taught to think about the big picture, but there’s plenty of magic in the details — especially when it comes to the thousands of ways customers can interact with your brand every day. What happens when these customer experience “micromoments” go ignored?


In this session, Jeannie Walters, CCXP challenges us to think about each interaction customers have with our brands and how easily the impact of those moments is overlooked. As seen in her TEDx Talk, she’ll discuss why micro moments are so important, the data behind this thinking and how to identify opportunities in your own brand’s customer journeys to make meaningful change.



  • Understand the trends driving customer research and how to use those trends to promote your own offerings

  • Discover how to best use data from—and about—your customer base 

  • Know when to use “micromapping” to address unique customer inquiries (so your customers don’t get stuck along their journey)


Move Customer Experience From Attitude to Actions

Marketers are now being asked to lead Customer Experience and simply deliver great experiences. But what does that really mean? Jeannie Walters, CCXP will give you tools to address the 3 A’s of CX!






At the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Create the right foundation for CX Success at your organization

  • Know how to move beyond platitudes and create real results

  • Partner with other leaders in your organization to make the most impact


Getting Digital CX Right: How Knowing Your Customer Helps Make Your CX Memorable

Let’s talk about ways to deliver for your customers throughout their journey.


The digital customer journey has changed -- and continues to. 


We can no longer think of the digital customer journey as separate from the larger customer journey as a whole.


Superior customer experience is the main competitive differentiator today. Because consumers have more voice, more choice and more than 50% show little or no hesitation in ending relationships with companies if CX falls short.


Meanwhile, managing all the digital channels that play a role in CX doesn’t make it any easier to provide great service. So, what are the customer expectations you need to fulfill and what are the best ways to do it?


In this session, you'll learn how to…

  • Expand the customer journey to include activities that occur before a consumer’s first interaction with your contact center

  • Provide a seamless experience across channels: self-service and agent-assisted; inbound and outbound; digital and voice

  • Personalize every touchpoint through the use of customer data and interaction history

  • Track the customer journey to gain valuable insights that help you get digital CX right

  • Proactively guide a customer before they need to search for information and support

  • Tie the digital experience to your customers' real-life needs, not just products


Building Customer Experience Strategy Foundations

How Do Great Brands Deliver a Consistent Customer Experience? 


How can some brands get it so right, so consistently, while others are so consistently...  inconsistent? 


The answer is a Customer Experience Mission and a Customer Experience Success Statement. 


What is a CX Mission Statement? It's your customer experience "north star" that helps guide every part of your initiatives, products, and services to serve your customers. What about success? First, you need to define it for your organization with a CX Success Statement. Customer experience success is not a one-size-fits-all outcome, but rather a customized understanding of what success means for the organization, your leaders, and your industry. 


Your CX strategy is then based on your CX Mission Statement and your CX Success Statement. They are the foundation to help you define and communicate customer experience across your organization and align customer experience goals with larger organizational goals. 


In this session, Jeannie Walters, CCXP will be sharing ways your organization can develop those statements and begin delivering a more consistently delightful experience to your customers. She’ll also introduce the CX Success Formula that can help the rest of your organization understand what “doing customer experience” really is!



  • Learn how to start building a customer experience strategy

  • Learn how to define and communicate customer experience across your organization

  • Learn how to align customer experience goals with larger organizational goals

  • Learn how to deliver a more consistently delightful experience to your customers


Let's Talk About Journey Mapping (Why Customer Journey Mapping Is a Verb, Not a Noun)

The need to understand customer behaviors may never be as great as today. Customers are proliferating digital channels thanks to the digital acceleration that began in 2020 and extends today.


And companies need help. Only 11% of organizations say they currently understand customer behavior well, according to the CMSWire State of Digital Customer Experience. About 56% say they moderately understand customer behavior, and 33% say they either understand customer behavior poorly or that they haven’t started to understand customer behavior yet.


Customer journey mapping is one tool to help understand customers better. But it's more than creating a map. It's truly defining those customer moments that matter.


Jeannie Walters, chief customer experience investigator and founder at Experience Investigators, invests in making customer journey mapping work. It's a verb, and not a noun, she says. Walters shared these and other tips and strategies around customer journey mapping and CX best practices.


In this session, you’ll learn…

  • Why understanding customers is harder than we think, and what to do about it

  • When to go big and when to stay focused

  • How mapping can improve empathy, compassion and understanding throughout the organization

Jeannie Walters's Experiences

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“The takeaways were great. Jeannie is a dynamic speaker to begin with. Process and people going together, I think, really address what we need to concentrate on in our own industry, real estate. With always keeping that at the forefront of driving home the experience for that customer and doing the little things and not overlooking the small things that really make a difference in that experience they go through. We do it every day, and they do it once or twice, maybe three times in a lifetime. So it's super important to make it a fundamental experience they will repeat and recommend.”


“We hired Jeannie to present to the top real estate agents and she was phenomenal. Outside of how great she was speaking, she was super easy to work with. She's very kind, which I value greatly, and the openness with which she talked about what she was going to do and took direction was absolutely perfect. I couldn't be happier with the results.”


“Our members asked for a speaker who could talk about improving their customers’ experiences with State Treasury offices. As luck would have it, we heard Jeannie on NPR and knew she was the one we needed for our conference. Not only was her message tailored to our public sector audience, but she brought personal experience, humor and an on-target message as our luncheon keynote. Working with her team was a joy throughout the process!”


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