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Jeb Blount is the author of thirteen books including Fanatical Prospecting, Sales EQ, Objections, Inked, People Follow You, Virtual Selling, and his latest book, Virtual Training. As Sales Gravy founder and CEO, Jeb advises a who’s who of the world’s leading organizations and their executives on the impact of emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills on customer-facing activities. He is among the world’s most respected thought leaders on prospecting, sales, leadership, and customer experience. He transforms organizations by optimizing talent, leveraging training to cultivate a high-performance sales culture, developing leadership and coaching skills, and applying more effective organizational design.


Jeb is an in-demand speaker and sales trainer who crisscrosses the globe, delivering keynote speeches, workshops, and training programs to high-performing sales teams and leaders. Meeting planners rave about Jeb’s ability to keep audiences engaged and on the edge of their seats.


His approach to human relationships in the workplace is straightforward, passionate, and entertaining. He equips business leaders with the human relationship tools they need to leverage a diverse workforce to accelerate performance and effect real, lasting change. Leadership. Sales. Customer Experience. It’s all human. When your people master interpersonal skills, you gain a powerful competitive advantage that transforms your entire organization.


When you hire Jeb, you hire an entire team dedicated to making sure your event is unforgettable, engaging, and most importantly, relevant to your audience. His process for tailoring a keynote to a client begins with understanding the overriding message for your event and your desired outcomes, so my team and I make sure we deliver a legendary experience for you. Though his keynote for you will be highly customized, here are some examples of keynotes he's knocked out of the park in the past: 



Jeb’s most popular keynote. This inspirational keynote takes your audience on an unprecedented and thought-provoking journey into the mindsets and disciplines of the highest-earning sales professionals.



Based on Jeb’s mega-bestselling book Fanatical Prospecting, this powerful, high-impact keynote will inspire your audience to think differently about sales prospecting and embrace prospecting activity.  



Based on Jeb’s international bestseller Virtual Selling, this thought-provoking keynote challenges your audience to master a blended omnichannel communication approach that flexes to buyer preferences, accelerates pipeline velocity, shortens sales cycles, and opens the door to close more sales, in less time, at a lower cost of time, energy, and money.



This provocative keynote is a crowd favorite. Jeb takes your audience on a fascinating journey into the new psychology of selling, building relationships, competitive differentiation, emotional discipline, and the real science behind influence, persuasion, and shaping buying decisions.



In this moving keynote message that engages both heart and mind, Jeb addresses the one thing humans fear more than death: Rejection. Through live demonstrations and “edge-of-your-seat” stories of persistence and overcoming gut-wrenching emotional obstacles, he shares the keys to pushing through fear, becoming rejection-proof, and developing an unstoppable mindset.



In this keynote message, based on his hit book People Follow You, Jeb gets right to the heart of what it takes to be an inspiring leader that people choose to follow in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing workplace. Through humor, stories, and thought-provoking insights he challenges leaders to take a hard look in the mirror and shift the way they think about what it really takes to build and lead high-performing teams.



In this keynote message pulled from the pages of his bestselling book INKED, Jeb leads the audience on an unprecedented journey onto the “chessboard of sales.” They learn exactly how ultra-high performers flip the script with his game-changing MLP strategy to bend win probability in their favor and close the sale.



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