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With over 25 years of experience as an award-winning Professional Speaker, Jen Buck's strength and conviction on the platform have earned her standing ovations and rave reviews around the world. She brings extraordinary energy, a crazy-fast pace, and inspiration by making learning and development fun, funny, and memorable. Jen is great at what she does and she loves bringing people along on the journey to actually FEELING that they're aligned with their purpose.


Jen began the first decade of her career in a startup where she helped launch a billion-dollar global and award-winning brand, while in a leadership development role. Since then, she's given over 10,000 programs in front of audiences as big as 25,000, impacting more than one million people throughout her tenure. Jen focuses on leadership and motivation and is committed to helping high-performers thrive in ever-evolving and high-intensity environments.


Jen Buck has been a Keynote Speaker for the largest companies and events in the world. She has trained and coached 4- and 5-Star Generals, the highest-level executives at Coca-Cola, Mercedes, McDonald's, Walmart, Google, Yale University, and even an Emmy-nominated actress.  With decades of experience in front of massive audiences, Jen is a sought-after Leadership Speaker known for her engaging, insightful, and transformative messages. Whether you're looking to inspire your team, energize your audience, or spark change in your organization, Jen Buck will nail it every time.. 


Currently, Ms. Buck is the Chief Operating Officer for an organization and has led three U.S. Congressional campaigns as the Chief of Staff. She has also founded a nonprofit organization that helped 48,000 people, and she is on the leadership team for one of the largest women's organizations in the country, leading 15 Directors and 30,000 people daily. Jen Buck understands leadership and has an impressive track record in the highest roles; she isn't just talking about leadership from stages, she's doing it every day.


Speaking Topics - 


PEOPLE FIRST LEADERSHIPEngagement strategies that change lives


How do the best companies and leaders win BIG? They put their people first. People First Leaders know their colleagues and put their well-being first and business next. They take care of the people, and in return, the people take care of the business. People First is a people-centered approach to leadership that takes into account the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs of all employees so that they can do their best work. When they do their best work, we all win. 


The truth is, that employees are overworked, stressed out, and struggling to find balance in their lives. Putting people first is not about being the best with a few carefully selected employee benefits. Instead, it’s a strong People First mindset that delivers above-average results by putting the needs of employees at the forefront. This inspiring and insightful keynote is for companies and leaders who are struggling to keep their people, build motivation, and sustain long-term engagement… it’s for people who want to transform their leadership to change lives. 


Key Takeaways - 


  • HOW THE BEST ARE DOING IT RIGHT: From Virgin to LinkedIn, Facebook to Google, there are specific principles that we can all emulate. The goal is to learn from the best in business.
  • ENGAGE, EMPOWER, AND EXECUTE: Each individual’s contribution is needed for the company to thrive. You’ll get tips, tricks, and ideas to up your engagement strategy.
  • CREATING SUSTAINABLE CHANGE: People need to experience it daily to believe in it. The leader's job is to live it, teach it, recruit around it, and then transform a company’s core beliefs to emulate it


UNLEASHING YOUR INNER CHAMPION: How to Achieve Peak Performance and Exceed Your Own Limits


We achieve peak performance when we master the mental game. Every athlete and peak performer knows the importance of becoming highly skilled physically but, if you want to give yourself that edge over your competition, mental skills must be included as well. Champions understand that the ability to win on the field requires focus, commitment, and mastery of the inside job, first. Too often mental training is seen as a reactive approach for athletes and high-performers. Once anxiety, fear of failure, or any other mental challenge presents itself and lowers the performance, inevitably that’s when the work on the mind is put forth. But, we’ve gotten this backward-- it needs to be a part of the process from Day 1. 


To unleash your inner champion, you have to put the time and effort into your mental game. This motivating and inspiring keynote is a game-changer for people who are ready to exceed their limits. It will provide tips for mastery over your mental hurdles and proven methods to get your vision and goals in line with your performance. Are you ready to shift the mindset and output of your team? Then this keynote is for you. 


Key Takeaways - 


  • UNDERSTANDING PEAK PERFORMANCE: Learn the techniques that high-performing teams and competitors are using to inspire, ignite, and transform their output 
  • BECOMING A PEAK PERFORMER UNLEASHING YOUR INNER CHAMPION: Game-changing results require discipline and commitment to master the mental game. You’ll get tips and techniques to overcome the messages that are inhibiting your output. 
  • HOW TO ACHIEVE PEAK PERFORMANCE AND EXCEED YOUR OWN LIMITS: Champions don‘t just win once. To be great you must commit to sustaining and elevating your performance every day... and bringing others with you. 




You've heard the call for 'impact' from the mouths of CEOs and most of us believe that impact is reserved for what we do within business hours. Yet, 70% of Chief Executives claim that it’s their commitment to social impact programs that improve their financial performance. In other words, the impact we make outside of our cubicle walls is what’s driving much of the corporate success. Get ready to embark on a transformative journey as we learn how we can truly make an impact in the world beyond business. In this motivating keynote, we'll explore the dynamic realm of purpose-driven leadership—a force that propels Impact Makers to create extraordinary social impact. You'll learn how a clear sense of purpose doesn't just light the way, it fuels an unlimited well of passion that can change the trajectory of people’s lives... and, that’s why we’re all here. 


As the Chief Operating Officer for a nonprofit organization, along with being the founder of a nonprofit herself, Jen Buck is committed to being an Impact Maker. Whether it’s working in the humanitarian aid sector abroad, leading U.S. Congressional campaigns as the Chief of Staff for marginalized candidates, or contributing to her community to improve the lives of its residents, Jen is committed to utilizing every resource she can to make a difference so that she can leave the world better than she found it. Jen Buck isn’t just talking about being a Maverick, Renegade, and Impact Maker, she’s living it every day.


Key Takeaways - 


  • RAINMAKERS, CHANGE MAKERS, & IMPACT MAKERS: Discover the secret sauce of famous Impact Leaders who don't just manage processes but inspire movements in every area of their lives. 
  • RESPONSIBILITY TO IMPACT: Understanding the power of ethical decision-making, stewardship, and the pursuit of collective gains in a community is what ensures sustainable change. 
  • THE GREATER THE AMBITION, THE GREATER THE IMPACT: Each individual’s contribution is needed for our society to thrive. You’ll get tips, tricks, and ideas to increase your impact on the future of work and society.


All Female Audience Keynotes - 


ROCK YOUR PERSONAL BRAND: Building Influence and Raving Fans


Everyone wants to be a rockstar. A professional rockstar is a woman who has the power to impact the decisions of others because of her authority, knowledge, position, or relationship with her peers. We often think of personal branding as being a necessity for those associated with an online presence or digital business. However, in today’s rapidly changing and ever-evolving business world, the footprint you leave online, and also in the hallways, boardroom, and email threads, is not only important but can have a massive impact on your trajectory. A strong personal brand can open the door to new business and career opportunities, which also allows you to build a strong network of influential allies and fans. 


In this fast-paced and energetic keynote participants will understand the power of maximizing their brand so that they can increase their influence and be seen as a thought leader who is indispensable and irreplaceable to those in positions of power. By strategically incorporating these highly effective ideas into your professional development, you are bound to find your influence growing more rapidly and steadily while gaining the respect of top leadership in your organization.


Key Takeaways


  • ROCK THE CROWD: The goal is to create a larger impact and get those standing ovations! Learn to build a strong, authentic reputation to influence and activate more people. 
  • CLIMBING THE CHARTS: No more playing second fiddle! Use the laws of Strategic Positioning to build your relevance and bring forth progressive ideas that will help you take center stage.
  • BUILD YOUR FAN BASE: No more playing it by ear! Strategically create opportunities and choreograph proximity to those with authority and influence.


SHATTERING THE GLASS CEILING: Building Your Executive Presence


Research has shown that companies with women in leadership positions see higher profits and greater employee satisfaction. With such a strong business case to be made for it, senior leaders around the world are striving to get more women into leadership positions within their companies. When a female leader unleashes her value, she is unstoppable—a force that changes the conversations in the boardroom and within the organization. Right this moment, the world is looking for women to lead and it’s our job to strategically position ourselves to stand out. 


Building executive presence is about becoming a recognized partner of high potential. We must strategically look for interesting projects where our voices are heard and force ourselves to apply for stretch promotions that challenge us. Building valuable partnerships and knowing how to strategically position ourselves in meetings takes work, and sadly many of us haven’t been taught this critical skillset. It’s a continual effort, not a one-time event. When we do this consistently and generously, will we see more women rise to influential leadership roles. This fast-paced and inspiring keynote will give women the tools to plant their flags and step into executive leadership where they can make an impact.


Key Takeaways


  • KNOW YOUR VALUE: The goal is to create a larger impact and plant your flag. Learn to build a strong positioning statement that will set you apart from your competitors.
  • KNOW THE RULES: Use the laws of Strategic Positioning to build your relevance and bring forth progressive ideas that will help you take center stage.
  • KNOW THE PLAYERS: Strategically create opportunities and learn how to amplify your authority when the stakes are high. It's all about who you know and how you navigate.




The future is female. And so is much of our past. When we look at social change and the myriad contributions women have made, both to historical events and to the society that shapes our modern world, it’s a woman’s social and emotional compass that is often guiding us. There has truly never been a better time for women to take the lead in creating massive social impact than right this very moment. We are watching more women open organizations, more women lead companies, and more countries with women at the helm-- these are exciting times as we watch women take center stage and stand in their truth. This inspiring and soul-stirring keynote will encourage women to take the lead, step into their power, and create a movement that will have an impact on the world around them. 


As the Chief Operating Officer for a nonprofit organization, along with being the founder of a nonprofit herself, Jen Buck is committed to being a woman of impact. Whether it’s working in the humanitarian aid sector, leading U.S. Congressional campaigns as the Chief of Staff for marginalized candidates, or working in her community to help overlooked populations, Jen is committed to utilizing every resource she can to make a difference so that everyone is treated equitably. The goal is to leave the world better than we found it-- and that's why this keynote matters so much.


Key Takeaways - 


  • TAP INTO YOUR DEEP BRAVERY: We make an impact by stepping into the unknown. disregarding fear and focusing on how we can create change that will benefit others.
  • CHOOSE TO BE GUTSY: Bold moves demand imagination and determination, and women have that in spades! Dreaming big, finding the right partners, and being willing to lean in are what will help leave a mark. 
  • EMBRACE AGILITY: Our ability to adapt to change and make the most of newfound challenges and opportunities will be the key differentiator in the impact that we make.


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