Jen Coken

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Leave it to a comedian to make leadership (or anything that could evoke a snooze fest) entertaining — but Jen does it every time. Her seminars, keynotes, and workshops are designed for leaders and their teams who crave actionable lessons from the heart and the opportunity to laugh at life’s absurdity. 

With thousands of speakers vying for your attention, you need to make a winning selection. Jen Coken’s smooth delivery and soulful wit will leave your group inspired and talking about their experience long after it’s over.

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Virtual In-Person

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“Jen Coken is the superstar keynote speaker, full stop... Out of five stars, this woman is a solar system.”

Whitney Williams McDuff: Founder and CEO, Proteus Consulting

"Jen is a speaker worth hearing. I've attended dozens of conferences, coached hundreds of TEDx speakers, and heard thousands of speakers. Jen sleuthed a silent truth about showing up authentically in telling a tale, delivering an idea, and showing the process underneath the progress. Her talk scores on so many high performing levels.”

Kat Haber, TEDxVail Organizer

“Jen is high-energy and funny. She helps people identify the barriers that are holding them back, overcome them in a few minutes, and then she puts them to work. If you're looking for somebody to create transformations for your audience, I highly recommend Jen Coken.”

Steve Harrison, CEO, Quantum Leap Publicity and Marketing