Jerry Palmieri

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I have had the privilege to be around some special coaches and athletes during 34 years as a strength and conditioning coach at the collegiate and professional levels. As a result of this experience, I have learned some very valuable life lessons. Whether I was sitting in a team meeting listening to NFL Football Coach Tom Coughlin, coaching on the floor of the weight room, or standing on the sidelines for more than 500 NCAA and NFL games, valuable lessons were learned. Lessons that can be applied to life. These lessons are surrounded by stories and applications that will challenge and motivate men and women to live by a higher standard. Here are just a few of the lessons that I share: • There is No Substitute for Hard Work • People do what you Inspect, not what you Expect • 14 – 0 is the Kiss of Death • The First Time you Quit will be the Hardest Additionally, I speak to Christian groups, challenging men and women to walk with great commitment to their Lord. Furthermore, my wife and I have teamed up to teach at a marriage getaway for coaches and their spouses. We share Christian values and practical examples that can be implemented to enhance their marriage. The stress and time commitment that comes with the coaching profession can place a significant strain on a couple's relationship. These talks will give the listeners some takeaways that they can use as they spend the rest of their lives together. The 3 areas of concentration include: -Growing Closer to God -Growing Closer to Your Spouse -Growing Closer to Your Team/Staff

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