Jess Stewart

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Meet Jess Stewart, an accomplished business leader, strategic guide, and keynote speaker on a mission to help business leaders scale their companies, achieve operational excellence, reach their greatest goals, and live better lives.


Raised by a Marine Corps pilot on a cattle operation in the mountains, Jess learned first-hand about running a company from the ground up. Grit, hard work, and getting things done the right way infused in her a work ethic she still lives and breathes today.


Without a history in the industry, Jess started a medical billing software company from her kitchen table with two young children under her feet. 


Fifteen years, two national locations, and one international division after starting a healthcare company at her kitchen table, Jess sold her company at an exceptional price point.


Jess is a firm believer in a ripple effect. When we better ourselves, we better the lives of those around us. Now, she's devoted her career to inspiring others and sharing what she’s learned along the way.

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Virtual In-Person

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"I have trained and worked with many world class coaches in my life. And I will make the claim that Jess Stewart is the best. She is a perfect fit me as a founder and business leader trying to scale to the big leagues. I had never had an executive coach able to get under the hood of my business to see it from my perspective — until Jess. The others were formulaic, while Jess has customized her approach to our situation and really gotten to know my business and the team. She is an elite level player, and I know elite when I see it."

Mark Divine Commander, U.S. Navy SEALs (ret.)

"Working alongside Jess is one of the most memorable experiences in my 30 year career. Her authenticity and leadership allow her to see things quickly, make assessments, set goals, rally a team, and achieve those goals in short order. I have nothing but great things to say about her."

Brian Medley, CPA Principal VertexCFO